#91 Mantras To Ignite Sensuality — Alana Cahoon

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Break the pattern with mantras that work with the law of attraction and ignite sensuality in this episode with Mindfulness Coach and Founder of Being in Balance Academy, Alana Cahoon.


🔥 How Mantras Can Help You Ignite Sensuality

Mantras help you walk from one state of being from another. From jittery to calm and from numb to sensual. It´s resonance directs attention to fleshly sensations helping you embody sensual pleasure.


🔥 What A Mantra Really Is

Alana Cahoon, my guest, says a mantra is an empowered intention, a statement or a positive affirmation. Which is something that helps to shift your mindset into a place or a belief that you want to have in your life. As you repeat the Mantra over and over again you´ll find there lies it´s power.


🔥 About Alana Cahoon

Alana’s mission is to lead individuals on their path to self discovery, personal and professional development, and conscious leadership. Her unique style of tuning into your truth allows her to identify the obstacles getting in your way from your ideal career path, relationship or home.   She is the founder of Grow 2 B U, LLC and Being In Balance Academy where she has crafted signature programs to lead entrepreneurs and individuals across the globe on their paths to personal and professional transformation. Clients benefit from accessing her lifelong training in holistic health, creativity, and conscious leadership, to accessing their own inner wisdom, and apply it to all aspects of life, developing harmony and abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.   She weaves a sense of calm and creativity into her coaching and coursework, offering clients and participants the experience of freedom, relaxation, and fun!  With an open mind and an open heart, she guides everyone seamlessly through the program at their own unique pace, never missing the insights that may arise.   Ms. Cahoon received her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre with studies in England. This took her to NYC where she performed, and initiated her studies in holistic medicine. She is a Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher and has trained, practiced, and taught extensively in Shaman Healing, Energy Balancing, and Meditation. She is a Certified Natural Health Professional with a focus in nutrition; a Yoga Teacher (500 hour); certified MBSR teacher; and is in her 4th year of training in Tibetan Buddhism. She is a professional singer/songwriter with music and guided meditations available online. She has also led one of New York’s first business incubators for technology startups.

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