#85 How To Embody The Sensual Harmony Of Aikido — Paul Linden

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Turn inner conflict into pleasure by learning how to embody the sensual harmony of Aikido in this episode.


🔥 How To Embody The Sensual Harmony Of Aikido

Paul Linden, the guest on this episode is a Black Belt in Aikido and a Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, who at his +75 years old can send a flip a guy flying in the air effortlessly with one hand.

Aikido encompass the meaning of this feat in it´s very name. Ai is harmony, ki is spirit and do is path. Practicing in real life fight means supplying all the harmony for both people.

For example. You´d create disharmony pulling back if someone pulls you. But if you let go of your anchor and choose to go with the attacker, that doesn´t sound like a fight. Then going in the direction provided you could redirect the outcome harmoniously to all parties.

This is useful when you are in a point in life when you can´t fight by fighting so you need to harmonize which would mean wining by dissolving conflict altogether.

The way to embody the sensual harmony of aikido is by practicing in everyday life with situations that call up the reflexes of fighting. Like someone parking in your space or not getting a delivery on time. And then:

1 Noticing your reflexes being called up. Did your breathing change? Did your posture change?
2 Allowing a natural process underneath all of the defenses to return to your natural harmonius state. Focus on sensing this softening, smoothing and opening from the core through the breath. Acoompanied by a feeling of kindness that makes you happy inside.

It´s challenging to be happy in the midst of conflict but if you're not happy you're going to be separate and antagonistic, you're going to wish to hurt the opponent or wish to run away or wish do something other than being present. And even if the situation demands for self-defence, actually one can be happy and one can be willing to hurt the attacker at the same time. You can't hurt them well unless you are happy. The core of this reasoning is that either way you´d have to make a choice within a desperate situation that allows little choice and it´s this very state of happiness that enables the freedom to decide for yourself instead of submitting to the frame of the situation.

But this is not a mere atittude of happiness but a sensual state were you´re embodied in your pleasurable fleshly sensations from where you source the harmony to deploy into the situation for the greatest good of all.


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Turn inner conflict into pleasure by learning “How To Embody The Sensual Harmony Of Aikido” here on episode # 85 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast with Aikido black belt and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, Paul Linden.


🔥 About Paul Linden, PhD

is a body awareness educator, a martial artist, and an author. He is the developer of **Being In Movement®** mindbody education, and founder of the Columbus Center for Movement Studies in Columbus, Ohio USA. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a PhD in Physical Education. He has been practicing and teaching Aikido since 1969 and holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido as well as a first degree black belt in Karate. He is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.
He has extensive experience teaching people such as musicians, athletes, business people, computer users, pregnant women, adult survivors of child abuse, and children with attention deficit disorder. His work has focused on trauma recovery and peacemaking. Paul has taught many workshops in places from Germany and England, to Russia and Ireland, to Israel and to Ecuador.
He has written numerous papers and books on diverse topics, and has created a number of instructional videos as well

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