Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist, Woman and Irini Hara Therapist, Shamanic Ceremonialist in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 74 Healing The Womb To Get More Pleasure

#74 Healing The Womb To Get More Pleasure — Irini Hara

How Does Healing The Womb Can Help You Get More Pleasure

Generational trauma is stored as we´ve been in our mother´s womb while she was in her mother´s, like a Matrushka. It´s been said this runs 5 to 7 generations up in the maternal lineage.

So even if you´ve had a fairly sane journey, the difficulties of your ancestry can pile up epigenetically.

The good news is that you can heal yourself and your lineage at the same time. When the imprints of painful experiences are no longer triggering sorrows then you have an open safe center to welcome pleasure and source creativity from.


Ready To Overcome Sorrow In The Womb?

Learn how to heal in this episode #74 of The Sensual Sessions podcast “Healing The Womb To Get More Pleasure” with Therapist and Shamanic Ceremonialist, Irini Hara.


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About Irini Hara

As a Womb for Peace (Irini Hara) I follow the Mary Magdalene lineage of Priestesses and bring back the wisdom and healing practices of ancient medicine women. I work as a mentor, energy activator, therapist, ceremonialist, doTerra wellness advocate, in an eclectic combination of shamanic and mystery schools esoteric traditions. I facilitate family/systemic constellation, trauma therapy & art therapy sessions. I am also certified as womb healer using sound (tuning forks), light language, womb massage, crystals and other tools according the medicine wheel of the womb system created by Azra and Seren Bertrand. This channel displays guided meditations, readings, lectures and interviews (series @Time of the Feminine) around healing, trauma therapy and personal development. A documentary about women circles and their meaning in the present times of transformation is also available. Further information on my work can be found at


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