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The Truth About Yawning And How Etiquette Can Ruin Your Nervous System



Can Etiquette Hurt Your Breathing?

Dinner with the royal family seems not to be the place to catch up on yawning.

Understandably, because if I just go on and yawn all the guests might as well end up yawning. Or even also stretching, groaning, moaning and rolling on the floor.

As much as self expression needs to be appropriately modulated according to the context, amplified sensuous expressions are extremely important for the nervous system, as you´ll see on the following lines.


How Breathing Bridges Your Nervous System

Breathing is the bodymind´s bridge between your voluntarily and autonomic nervous system given that you can breathe at will and also automatically. And yawning is a kind of breathing that your autonomic nervous system uses for self-regulation.


The Truth About Trying Not To Yawn

Inhibiting a yawn—for the crown´s sake—is a voluntarily modification of breathing. If you inhibit yawning over time it´ll become a habit. Then your autonomic nervous system wont be able to use the yawn when needed and you may not be able to yawn even if you try to.

So the answer is yes. Avoiding to yawn, either in public or privately, will affect your breathing by limiting the self-regulation ability of your nervous system and the experience of pleasure in your body and the confidence to move sensually.


How To Protect Your Yawn? 

👉 If you´re in public just go lock yourself in the bathroom and yawn.

👉 When you´re by yourself yawn every time you feel like it.

👉 Go as far as possible in every yawn. You´ll notice at first that the yawn get stuck half way and that you´re shy to let the body move along the yawn. Be curious about pleasurable sensations emerging and let yourself go all the way in every yawn.


The Deep Meaning Of Yawning 

Yawning when you need to means respecting your nervous system.

Yawning with all the body is a fundamental tool of sensuality.

Yawning all the way restores trust in your body.

Yawning is a gateway to bliss.


Yawning is the most important breathing sound to release tensions and amplify pleasure!


What´s Next?

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