Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder Sensualist, Scientist, Artist and Ximena Tavares, Dancer, Choreographer and Yoga Teacher in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 59 Meditation To Treasure Your Sensual Uniqueness

#59 Meditation To Treasure Your Sensual Uniqueness — Ximena Tavares

This is why it´s hard to treasure your own sensual pleasure

If you´re manage your time to accomplish your quarterly goals and take pride on delivering, chances are that you´re great at doing.

But pleasure of the sensual kind requires not doing, which is hard and counter intuitive in our hustle culture.

Treasuring sensual pleasure is like enjoying in the perfect weather. Whilst you can´t force the sun to come, you can be aware of it´s warmth to come out and sun bath when it´s time.


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Discover the Meditation to Treasure your Sensual Pleasure here on Episode #59 Dancer, Choreographer and Yoga Teacher to the stars, Ximena Tavares.


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About Ximena Tavares Saavedra

Ximena is a dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher.

She started practicing Yoga 15 years ago and since her very first class she could recognize it as an healthy and enjoyable instrument to work with herself while exploring the possibilities of body and mind.

As a teacher she is inspired by the sense of freedom that dance brings, the anatomic tools of the somatic techniques and the ancient wisdom of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system to provide her students with a judgment-free space to explore themselves through their Yoga practice.

Intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others, she leads a practice where to embody oneself with love, compassion and acceptance.

She travels yearly to India to deepen her practice and acquire new teaching skills.

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