#44 Treasure Of Pleasure Meditation — Rūta Kavaliauskienė

Why Is Important To Treasure Pleasure?

Perhaps you remember the last time you´ve been heartbroken, in love or simply emotional.

With the heart bursting out of your the chest in despair or exhilaration and though there is no organic reason for this strong physical sensations, they can cause clinical health anxiety for real.

Rūta Kavaliauskinerė, Psychologist, is sharing with you a mindful way to soothe yourself by treasuring the pleasure in fleshly sensations of wellbeing at The Sensual Sessions episode #44.


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About Rūta Kavaliauskienė

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist. I am interested in mindfulness and self-compassion practices. I practice in Lithuania and online. You can find me on instagram


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