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#16 Spiritual Aspects Of Being A Woman — Curandeira


Curandeira has a woman school for a Latin American women, that is a container to gather every week, talk stuff and teach about archetypes connected and cycles. 


What Are The Spiritual Aspects Of Being A Woman?

Well, for me, spiritual is just feeling connected to your inner resources. And just listening to this inner voice that's always with you and it's always just caring for you.

And yeah, that time, it just really felt like always despite patriarchal world, you know, it's teaching us to, to always be efficient, be fast, to always have the same the whole month. But for me, it was just, I, I couldn't really understand it that way.

So when I found this connection to other women, I felt like I was healing my, my feminine connection with myself is a reflection of the way I connected to myself, my relationship to other women. We have just connected to our cycle and going through all these different phases throughout the month. It's been a really wonderful journey.


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