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#52 A Somatic Sensuality Journey In Time — Joseph DellaGrotte, PhD

Yearning To Go In A Journey Into The Somatic Sensuality State From Where Everything Unfolds?

Discover core movement integration with 85 year old somatics connoisseur Joseph DellaGrotte PhD on this episode #52 of The Sensual Sessions podcast.


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About Joseph DellaGrotte PhD

Josef DellaGrotte, PhD, CFP-physio, is one of the foremost experts on improving both functional-neuromyofascial movement and psychophysical related disorders. His training experience includes physical therapy, Rolf Structural Integration, yoga and t’ai chi- chi kung. From 1973-1981  DellaGrotte trained with scientist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, becoming one of the first certified Feldenkrais practitioners and trainers in the USA.He is well known for his exceptional manual skills and ability to ‘read’ psychophysical patterns of behavior. Using the body’s six Core Movement Pathways as a base, he has shown, guided and taught clients, students and trainees to reactivate dynamic core stability, balance and alignment; improve functional activities of life; reduce mobility limitations, restore natural movement patterns and; learn how to access ‘polyvagal’ equilibrium.

His published works include Instructions From Within, 2007, and Awaken Movement-The Key to Life, 2016.

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