Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Marie Marguerite Randjelovic Yoga Teacher, Artist and Experiential Anatomist in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 41 Skin As Sensual Origami

#41 Skin As Sensual Origami — Marie Marguerite Randjelovic

Hate wrinkles?

Instead, see how every fold in your skin is where movement happens. Fold. Create volume. Reorganize. Welcome your own sensual pleasure.


 What You´ll Learn With Marie Marguerite On “Skin As Sensual Origami” Episode #41 Of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

01:03 Marie Marguerite Randjelovic began her doings as a rebellious act. She was a ballet dancer from the age of 4 to 16. Did art school, then in 2021 decided she´d be free.

02:45 Marie Marguerite´s body started to ache at 25, couldn´t walk anymore, had to stop every few meters on the street out of pain. She said to herself “I hate living like that”. So she started exploring Yoga.

5:56 Marie Marguerite and Candia Raquel´s story on re-organization.

6:51 Setting yourself as a priority and tending to pleasure to know what´s good for you.

7:59 Honoring your process as a way to honor yourself.

8:44 When you obey you´re not allowing yourself to reorganize.

11:36 Understanding rhizome as no levels but everything at the same level and many connections to all elements. As the butterfly effect referred to the idea of wholeness.

13:27 How independence is a political term, not a scientific term. We´ve always been connected, through the atmosphere and everything.

14:42 Why understanding the reality in connection is key for self esteem.

15:34 On Mariana Barreto´s work.

19:36 How we can be origami wise in having wrinkles where every moment happens. Like when you fold paper making a line where it was folded and then volume emerges. Just as the volume we are.

21:41 What does it mean to be anti-fragile.

23:17 Marie Marguerite´s favorite links posted at the Centro De Poder´s blog.





About Marie

Marie Marguerite Randjelovic « Space holder though the softness of being »

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