Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Sensualist, Scientist, Artist and Jamie Cawelti, Sex Positive World Executive Director in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 46 Set Boundaries To Safely Enjoy Sensuality

#46 Set boundaries to safely enjoy sensuality — Jamie Cawelti

Are You Good At Setting Boundaries To Safely Enjoy Sensuality?

It´s HARD to set boundaries when you come from a background of abuse and abuse enabling.

Then, often times, you either become agreeable with unacceptable stuff until you have to slap a bouquet in their face or you hide your sensual self in the closet.

Jamie Cawelti, Executive Director of SEX POSITIVE WORLD, shares on The Sensual Sessions episode #45 how to “Set Boundaries To Safely Enjoy Sensuality”.

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About Jamie Cawelti

Jamie Cawelti is the Executive Director of Sex Positive World, a non-profit organization offering classes on consent, sex education, and community building. She has been a leader, organizer, and teacher in sex positive community since 2018. She is queer, polyamorous, and into rope bondage. Her background is in communications, video production, and marketing; check out her YouTube channel and or social media @ExploringJamie

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