Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist, Woman and Cynthia Reséndiz, Voice Coach, Engineer and Author in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 67 Unleash Your Sensual Voice To Sound Seductive.

#67 Unleash Your Sensual Voice To Sound Seductive — Cynthia Reséndiz

Does Your Voice Sounds Seductive And Sensual To You?

Often times your voice doesn´t sound the same way in your head that outside. It can even be shocking to listen your voice recorded for the first time. This is why it´s so important to integrate your self-image in regards to your voice so you feel confident to speak your truth loud and clear in such a way that´s pleasurable to you.


This is The First Step To Talk Sensually

If you want your voice to express your sensual pleasure in a seductive way, you need to become aware of your breath and drop the tone of your voice.


Ready To Know More On Sounding Seductive?

Here´s episode #67 Unleash Your Sensual Voice To Sound Seductive of The Sensual Sessions podcast with Voice Coach, Engineer and Author, Cynthia Reséndiz.


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About Cynthia Reséndiz

Cynthia Reséndiz was born in Mexico City, she studied classical dance at the UNAM Choreographic Workshop Seminar, where she took classes with teachers like Olga Rodríguez, Karina Terán and Miriam Pacheco. She was also a student of the dancers Roberto and Mitsuko. She studied the first semesters of the Bachelor's Degree in Classical Dance Teaching at the National Center for the Arts (CENART). She was certified in Vaganova Technique at the International Art and Dance Academic Council (CAADI) under the tutelage of master choreographer Deniza Kuznechonkova (Bolshoi). She belonged to the “Epidauro” Theater Company, directed by Maestro Sergio Echeverría Miguel, a disciple of Salvador Novo and Diego Rivera. She participated in the Theater Group of La Salle University, where she also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. She took courses in Locution and Voice Dubbing at Art Spot, with Luis Alfonso Mendoza and Jesús Colín. She recently became certified as a voice coach in the Roger Love Method. She earned the mNYU/LinkedIn/Soundstrue InnerMBA program. She belonged to the Organizing Committee of the Talent Show in an elementary school in Mexico City, for almost a decade, even carrying it out virtually during the pandemic. Her book about Talent Show in elementary schools will be published soon. She is a mother, loves music, dance and theater and is passionate about voice, talent and its manifestations. 

She is the founder of Amo Mi Voz.

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