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#72 Using Music To Get In A Sensual Mood — Rodrigo Suárez

How Using Music Helps You To Get In A Sensual Mood

If you´re always trying to fix yourself you risk getting into the feeling of nothing ever being good enough. It´d seem paradoxical but trying to do things well can actually be what gets in the way of having the desired outcome because it distracts you from the process.

The thing is going for less fixing and trying in order to start doing.

Doing can only happen in the present by being in a sensual mood of receptivity to the experience of pleasure conveyed by your senses and feeling free from inhibitions to express yourself fully.

Good news is that being in a sensual mood is what enables being involved moment by moment in the creation of the process by being less self-conscious and more self-aware, and using music can help you get right into it.


Ready To Go From Self-Conscious To Self-Aware?

Here´s episode #72 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast on “Using Music To Get In A Sensual Mood” with Libresencia Co-Founder, Alexander Technique Teacher and Classical Cello Player, Rodrigo Suárez.


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About Rodrigo Suárez

Rodrigo is co-founder of Libresencia, for those who want to feel free to be themselves, without fear, without shame and without conflict. Since childhood he studied cello, and loved it. During puberty, he experienced his parents' divorce. He remembers his adolescence as the most difficult time of his life. Since then, he started looking for personal transformation tools. At the age of 18, he travelled to study a bachelor's degree at the London College of Music, where he graduated, but the perfectionism of the teachers reduced his pleasure in playing. The good thing is that at that college he learned about the Alexander Technique. After his bachelor's degree, Rodrigo pursued the three-year training in London to become a certified Alexander Technique teacher. It was there where his great transformation happened, both at a bodily and mental-emotional level. He is now a member of the Mexican Association of Alexander Technique Teachers (APTAM) and has been helping others inhabit their bodies for 23 years. Rodrigo's other passion is Nonviolent Communication (NVC), an approach in which he is certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and that he has been sharing with others for 12 years. It can be said that Rodrigo and his life partner Madeleine owe their relationship to NVC, which is especially valuable now that they are parents. He is convinced that if we want to improve the world we live in, it is essential to learn how to communicate better. Rodrigo has taught workshops at many universities, conservatoires, professional orchestras and business.

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