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#81 Sensual Memory Appreciative Inquiry Explorations — Robert Boyd

How Appreciative Inquiry Explorations Give You Sensual Memory Insights To Have More Pleasure

Going through life from milestone to milestone is great for reaching goals but it´s easy to let spontaneous moments of pleasure pass by. Doing explorations of Appreciative Inquire will help you realize people and circumstances that contributed to your happiness that you could otherwise take for granted. Then you can reflect on experiences that were pleasurable to you at a sensuous fleshly level to recreate them in the future.


How Appreciative Inquiry Supports The Sensual Pleasure Of Maturity

The difference in acting like a child and being a grown up is in becoming responsible for one´s pleasure. Asking yourself questions of Appreciative Inquiry reveal experiences in the past that led to sensual pleasure so you have a wider repertoire of options to choose for delight.


Ready To Deepen Your Sensual Experiences Through Appreciative Inquiry?

Learn how to treasure the pleasure in your life here in Episode # 81 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast, “Sensual Memory Appreciative Inquiry Explorations” with Mathematician, Dancer, Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner and Triangle Feldenkrais Founder, MC Robert Boyd.


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Questions For Sensual Memory Appreciative Inquiry Explorations

When considering these questions I invite you to include memories of any/all sensory types: sights, smells, sounds, touch, taste, and sexual: e.g. foods, flowers, places, clothing, person(s), aromas, music, a voice(s).

Think of the most thrilling sensual experience(s) you ever had — and meditate for a moment on them — recall some of the details as vividly as you can. Then ask yourself:  what made the experience so thrilling for you? Was there anything leading up to the experience that heightened the thrill? Is there anything from that you’d like to experience more of?

When you think of sensually  deeply satisfying experience(s), are there any that stand out in your mind?  If you focus on the top 1 or 2 times you recall, how would you describe how you felt from it?   what would you say contributed most to make it so satisfying? What was the longest lasting effect you experienced from it? How would you want to have/create similarly satisfying experiences in the future?

When/how do you like to become aroused?(again, this is in reference to any of your senses, not just sexual)How would you describe what arouses you most readily? When you’re starting to feel aroused, what is most likely to increase your level of arousal in a way you like?

Have you ever had a time when you became aroused when you weren’t expecting it, and if so, what happened for you to trigger it?

Are there any situations/places you enjoy fantasizing about that have strong sensual content for you that you would want to experience but might be beyond what you’ve ever felt safe to try with anyone? What about the place/or situation makes the fantasy stimulating for you? How would you feel about describing the fantasy to someone you trusted to listen without pressuring you into acting on it?

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Navigate Episode On Sensual Memory Appreciative Inquiry Explorations

0:57 What is sensual memory exploration.

1:18 Asking provocative questions to reflect on experiences to recreate in the future.

3:02 Using appreciative inquiry for personal and organizational development.

6:11 Sensuality on treasuring the totality of life not only the flabbergasting moments.

7:42 The patriarcal mistake of limiting sensuality to sexuality.

9:13 When orgasm becomes the sole goal overrides the sensuous experience.

11:35 The teachings of a lizard.

14:31 How time widens the experience of pleasure.

15:29 Why fast intense stimulation leads to numbness.

17:51 Collect data from our sensual experiences choosing the things that produce value.

25:31 How to choose the things that make us happy instead of being completely driven by circumstance.

38:20 Going from acting like a child to being a grown up happens by taking responsibility for pleasure and accepting it.

39:55 How arousal differences sensuality from sexuality.

54:12 Realizing the experience doesn't have to be mind-blowing in order for it to be extremely pleasurable.

57:27 Describing a fantasy to someone that you trust.

1:00:15 Using appreciative inquiry as a practical guide to inquire what sensual pleasure means to you.


About Robert Boyd

I’m on a mission to facilitate joy in life. I’m curious about possibilities and how things work, and what’s going on when things work differently than expected or wanted. I enjoy facilitating and witnessing my clients as they discover new options and freedoms they didn’t realize before. Every time I work with someone I feel a deep sense of gratitude to experience their beauty and complexity as a person.

I started teaching as a tutor when I was studying Math, Physics and Computer Science. In my professional career I’ve had the pleasure of continuing to develop as a mentor/teacher working for companies like Texas Instruments, GE, the EPA, GlaxoSmithKline and Duke Energy. I enjoyed developing in various roles as a researcher, troubleshooter, collaborator, manager, project leader and inter-division technical liaison.

In the early 1990’s my curiosity and personal needs led me into exploring other ways of learning including martial arts, the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education, Reiki – a form of healing energy, contact improv dance, and InterPlay – a somatic practice based on community building and fun. All of these opened up new possibilities for joy and empowerment in my life. I chose to pursue training in Reiki, InterPlay and Feldenkrais. These all taught me a variety of lessons about the marvel of human experience.

I feel particularly grateful to Moshe Feldenkrais and all that has come from his founding of this work because it played such a big role in helping me recover from a brain injury I received in a car accident. I was afraid of losing my job because of the loss of ability to focus or retain information after the accident. I was fortunate to have a practitioner available to help me. I had been told it could take anywhere from a year to several years for the type of brain trauma I received. With her help I made a full recovery in only 3 months.

Like she did for me, I now help clients who come with movement challenges that frustrate them or make them feel nearly hopeless. I help them acknowledge the truth that is in their body now; create space for them to release what prevents them from moving freely; guide them to expand their physical and mental capabilities; and invite them to the possibility of joyfully embracing the beauty that they already are.

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