Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Alejandra Quiceno Architect And Meditation Instructor in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 37 Sensual Meditation

#37 Sensual Meditation — Alexandra Quiceno

Bored with Meditation?

Maybe you´ve missed the key of making it sensual by bringing your mind to the pleasure of feeling your body. Discover how here! 


What You´ll Learn On This "Sensual Meditation" episode #37 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

01:13 How Alejandra went from thinking Yoga and Meditation was boring to taking her first class, shaking her way through it and becoming a morning person.

03:34 How a teacher that doesn´t make you feel judged because you´re not doing it perfectly can make you fall in love with Yoga and establish a Meditation practice.

05:16 What to do when you´re on and off from Meditating consistently.

05:56 How Meditation can help you connect with yourself without feeling judged.

07:57 How Sensual Meditation can help you center from feeling insecure about your body to be naked with your sensations.

10:15 How to move away from external appeareances to come closer to the sensual pleasure in being who you are.

12:17 Taking mindfulness to your everyday life will improve the relation you have with your job, friends and specially with your own sensuality.

13:21 When you connect body, mind and spirit you realize enlightenment is not far away on an expensive retreat but right here in the sensuality of sensing the pleasure in your flesh.

15:06 How anger can be very potent to get you out of feeling down but you´ll only reach your B or C level of performance but if you really wanna go high performance you´ve got to get into the state of flow. Like Olympic Gymnasts.

17:09 FREE Sensual Meditation Practice with Alejandra Quiceno.




About Alejandra Quiceno

Alexandra Quiceno best known as Alex; Venezuelan native, is a creative being, architect, photographer and meditation teacher living in Barcelona (Spain) with her partner and dog. After graduating from architecture school in The Andes (Venezuela) she moved to Caracas where yoga found her and she started to get in love with it and how to incorporate it in everyday life.

After years of trying to meditate consistently with no luck, she stopped forcing that habit on her and it’s only after practicing Ashtanga yoga that she feels the urge to try it again. It took about 6 years, an unhappy job and sense of loneliness to build a consistent meditation practice.

Fast forward to 2019 when working in a heritage restoration company, she felt the need to connect deeply with her as the work was very demanding physically and mentally that she started to “unintentionally” build a meditation practice. Also, thanks to online classes she took Kino Macgregor’s teachings on how meditation was such a fundamental tool for everybody.

Everyday she would wake up at 05:00 to sit for meditation and then Asana practice before going to work with a sense of calmness. And that is how it all started. Since then everyday has been an opportunity to understand who she was and to connect with herself in mind and spirit.

That led to deep inner work to find out what she really wanted to pursue in life, being a meditation teacher was the answer. Giving back to the universe all that was presented to her. She now leads creatives to integrate meditation practice into their busy lifestyle to help them have peace of mind.

She shares her insights and daily life in @theshantipeople where she loves to connect with others.


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