Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and PhD Josefine Fischer Director of Movementality in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 30 Sensual Intuition

#30 Tap Into Sensual Intuition — PhD Josefine Fischer


Overthinking again?

Know the truth about a person or situation with this episode´s body mind exercise to tap into sensual intuition.



How To Tap Into Sensual Intuition

00:42 Josephines journey from her background in academia to become a traveling yoga teacher interested in anatomy, biomechanics and the brain boosting benefits of movement through mind body connection.
01:42 How bad posture can disconnect your body body from your mind even if you´re brilliant.
02:13 Why using your body can make you smarter.
03:45 Why intuition can be used as a tool even by sceptic people.
04:17 What´s the true meaning of intuition.
04:24 How to get the right feeling about a person or situation.
04:48 Why going beyond your limited thinking mind to tap into your intuitive source of knowledge of all that you already know.
08:46 Quick body scans to unveil your neuro-emotional source of wisdom
10:58 How to really trust your body and natural processes.
11:05 What´s behind the obsession of thinking.
14:06 How to be guilt-free when is it a good time to take a break.
14:27 Applying the sensory tools of mantra and breathing in Buddhist Meditation.
15:52 Training extremely hard VS Resting. How taking a nap can be as effective as running to cope with anxiety.
18:55 What to do when trauma surfaces when tapping into intuition.
20:54 Creating a safe ground for intuition to arise.
22:12 Exercise to tap into sensual intuition.


About PhD Josefine Fischer  

Josephine teaches micropauses for office workers through healthy intelligent movements with full awareness.

She´s a Body Intelligence Movement expert, Yoga teacher, PT and Super human.

To know more about her work visit:




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