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#77 Emotional Dialogues For Couples Sensual Intimacy — Eilert Bartels

How Emotional Dialogues Can Improve Couples Sensual Intimacy

We live on the digital era of distraction with thousand notifications a day that keeps us from engaging with the present in a direct way, specially when it comes to intimate relations.

While digital connectivity, in special video calling was fundamental to stay close to our beloved ones during the pandemic, there´s a tremendous risk is to reduce bonding to texting or calling bypassing the much needed physical connection.

That´s why Eilert Bartels recommends that couples spend physical time together and create a regular weekly space to sit in front of each other to create emotional dialogues where both are listened in a non-judgmental way which in turn strengthens the bond itself which sustains the natural emergence of sensual intimacy.


Ready To Know The Practical Steps To Create Emotional Dialogues That Improve The Sensual Intimacy With Your Partner?

Discover the exercise inside Episode #77 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast “Emotional Dialogues For Couples Sensual Intimacy” with Couples And Sex Psychotherapist, Eilert Bartels.


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About Eilert Bartels

Why do I work as a couples and sex therapist?

Write books about men, gender roles and sexuality? The answer to these questions has something to do inextricably with my own story. I am a child of the 1970s/80s. The 1970s were sexually heated. The women's movement sometimes furiously shook up traditional role models. I was a child between the fronts. On the one hand, there was a traditional image of men that I couldn't live up to. And I didn't want to either. On the other hand, there was a women's movement that saw me as something that needed to be fought, disempowered and overcome because of my gender. I learned the profession of piano maker, which fulfilled me for more than twenty years. But throughout all this time, the feeling of conflict and lack of identity remained. I felt that I had to go “on my way”. Take responsibility for my needs. My journey towards independence began with critically questioning role models. I was looking for answers to the questions: Who am I? As a man? As a human? After years of therapeutic self-awareness, these questions finally led me to the training offered in Berlin to become a couples and sex therapist. This was followed by state recognition as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and training in integrative psychotherapy. This shaped what is now my guiding principle in my work as a therapist: No matter what situation in life, no matter what question, what pain or need you have, you come to me and confide in me: I want to help you out of the feeling of Tightness, limitations, inability to act, powerlessness or lack of alternatives lead to a “liberated” space. Into a space of possibilities. Into a space of development. Into a space of autonomy and ability to act.

My focuses: Holistically oriented couple and individual therapy, Integrative psychotherapy, sex therapy, seminars, lectures, men's groups.

Therapy training: “Sexual therapy” at the Institute for Relationship Dynamics in Berlin “Psychological consultant and coach” at the Hanne Edling Institute Alternative practitioner training at the Christoph Mahr Institute “Integrative Psychotherapy” at the Christoph Mahr Institute Hypnosis at the Christoph Mahr Institute EMDR at the Christoph Mahr Institute

Professional experiences: from September 1993 to December 2021 self-employed as a piano maker and piano tuner in constant contact with people Extensive personal experience in therapy and men's groups Since 2014 counseling and therapy with couples and individual clients.

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