Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Marina Tsartsara in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 25 Somatic Art For Sensorial Awakening

#25 Somatic Art For Sensorial Awakening — Marina Tsartsara


So distracted you can´t focus on your sensations?

Discover how to engage in sensual experiences by creating somatic art with the use of simple materials! 

WATCH Episode #25 With Marina Tsartsara: Somatic Art For Sensorial Awakening

1:30 - Marina´s background in fine arts, dance and visual arts. As well as teaching Somatic Movement Education through Bodymind Centering.
2:23 - What´s Somatic Art?
3:07 - Experiencing and perceiving the body through the materials.
4:46 - Creating with eyes open and eyes closed.
5:23 - Candia´s overwhelming experience at the Guggenheim in Venice.
8:05 - Going beyond the specific connotations of the word “pleasure”.
8:38 - Being receptive to pleasure
10:09 - The power of materials.
11:49 - Engaging into to your somatic experience.
12:23 - Pleasure is being fully available and alive, fully present through the senses.
12:56 - Pleasure is intelligent.
16:38 - When you´re expected to behave a certain way.
20:08 - Space for pleasure. Dynamic Morphology. Forms changing.
23:44 - Being very physical.
24:21 - Improvisation practice with paper and charcoal/pencil for YOU!

About Marina Tsartsara

From very early on in my personal journey I enjoyed bringing together the practices of dance/movement improvisation, visual and fine arts in empirical, exploratory and creative ways.Having lived with a genetic 'dis-ease' from an early age, sparked my curiosity for understanding pain and 'using' it as a way to grow in multiple dimensions, as a lense to observe and research the relationship between body-mind-emotions-spirit and the world. I explored befriending my pain in creative ways, extracting beauty, healing and transformation.Through the years I extracted tools from different practices and techniques initially for researching into my own layers of sensations, feelings and expression, then for sharing and exploring with others and finally for offering to the community what I feel is valuable for many: tools for re-connecting our fragmented parts, for painting the cracks with paint of gold and for seeing their beauty: similar to the japanese practice of kintsugi. Then sharing their beauty, strength and the personal learning for the good of the community, the earth and the world.

I am a Somatic Movement Therapist & Teacher (by Body-Mind Centering®), a Dance & Visual Artist (MSc), a certified Chinese Acupressure Massage Therapist (TCM London), a Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa & Mindfulness Instructor (Yoga Alliance) and a Holistic Life Coach (Holistic Harmony GR). I have performed and taught internationally since 2007.

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