Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Simonetta Alessandri, Dance Artist, Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, Teacher at Trinity Laban, the Goldsmiths University and the London Contemporary Dance School in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 29 A Sense Of Ownership And Pleasure In You.

#29 A Sense Of Ownership And Pleasure In You — Simonetta Alessandri


Forcing yourself?

Take ownership of your pleasure by exploring reality, making mature decisions and having authority on your doing with Feldenkrais® in the episode #29 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast with dance artist and somatic movement teacher Simonetta Alessandri.



How To Get A Sense Of Ownership And Pleasure In You

00:16 - Simonetta Alessandri is a Dance Artist, Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner and Somatic Educator based in London. She teaches at Trinity Laban, The Goldsmiths University and the London Contemporary Dance School.

01:24 - How to deal with the unexpected

05:42 - How to establish your inner authority

05:50 - How to be more open to the unknown.

05:58 - How to avoid falling into automatic repetitions

7:45 - How to maintain a state of calm and openness in in relation to what we don't know.

8:11 - How to be more flexible when you are in an unstable situation that is changing all the time.

8:42 - Are you trying to become better by accumulating information?

9:00 - Introducing ideas gradually rather than creating and earthquake tsunami.

9:37 - #1 is connecting to the Earth.

10:20 - Accommodating the change of the Pandemic by being open and calmed practicing awareness through somatic movement.

10:48 - Frozen on stage? What to do when you feel dense, anxious, like shut down with feeling your ability restricted.

10:56 - Find liberation by exploring reality, making mature decisions and having authority on your doing.

14:01 - Creating a safe context and building radially along your way of relating to reality.

15:01 - Questioning and taking the power to decide for yourself what´s good rather than listening what society told you.

15:13 - Ownership is when you judge for yourself and you feel okay. You practice it by coming back to the basic principles of The Feldenkrais Method®. Like the contact with the floor and the felt sense of yourself moving.

15:45 - Find the power to decide what´s best for you by questioning.

15:18 - The sense of pleasure is coming from something that is simply good, that it´s working well and then sensuality could go absolutely in this direction, why not, but at first there´s a sense of pleasure that is coming from feeling good, from a sense of satisfaction of your own action and your own movement, then you can go even more because of the beauty of this essential exploration.

18:02 - There are different nuances of the pleasure but pleasure is so simple. Pleasure is just feeling good in the how you see it, how you speak, how you breathe, how you perform a little movement.

18:40 - Pleasure in solitude to go more in the direction of sensuality.

19:26 - Pleasure is nuanced, not steady and linear. It has many shapes and it´s connected with the ease of efficiency.

19:47 - Going from the atmosphere of heroic martyrdom and I fake stoicism of the no pain no gain mentality of pushing hard understanding that in only leads to burnout.

20:06 - Pleasure being stigmatized as indulging in being mediocre for enjoying instead of pushing hard while it´s actually the other way around.

21:02 - Pleasure is still not part of the vocabulary in dance. All you hear is that you need to suffer a lot and work hard everyday.

21:21 - There is work to achieve what you really want in life even if you want to be the most virtuous in the world but it´s not just that. When you see an incredibly good dance there´s something on the ballerina´s movement that is effortless, like you don´t see any of the struggle and that is an encouragement.

22:21 - When you struggle, when you force, when you go against your system, it´ll show everywhere. This is specially difficult at the beginning of the training.

22:28 - Then the challenge is to refresh the pleasure of dancing, to rediscover pleasure.

23:46 - Pleasure is very healthy.

24:16 - Pleasure by no means means lousiness of laziness but on the contrary, there´s a discipline to the awareness.

25:05 - Good dancers do things that are such a pleasure for them that it becomes pleasurable for the spectator.

26:09 - Mini dance experience connected to the Feldenkrais Method®.


Get Inspired By Simonetta´s Sense Of Ownership And Pleasure In Her Movement


Picture Credits

Cover picture from Simonetta´s 16 years old daughter Stella Nodine.

Simonetta´s solo dancing pictures is from Michele Cipriani.

Simonetta´s duo dancing picture is from Cristina Crippa. 


About Simonetta Alessandri

Simonetta is an Italian dance artist and a somatic educator based in London. She applies the Feldenkrais Method in dance and movement training and in performance making. She teaches at Trinity Laban, Goldsmiths University and London Contemporary Dance School. Her work is informed by more than 30 years of dancing, teaching and choreographing. Her choreography has been for dance companies, student pieces, large scale opera, improvised performance, site specific and movement direction for theatre. She was one of the few dance practitioners in Italy who began working with CI in the 90’s.  She has been a guest teacher in Germany, Colombia, UK, Norway, Israel, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Taiwan. She obtained the Post Graduated Diploma in Choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, she is qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method and she holds the Teacher Certificate of the Royal Academy of Dance. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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