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#75 How To Become Receptive To Pleasure — Alexandra Beller

How To Become Receptive To Pleasure

We come from schools that made us sit down, stay quiet and not follow your intuition and instict.

In the process, the ability to realize what you want and don´t want may got worn down.

Specially female identifying people are not brought up to feel their yes or no because their muscle of consent was not invited to develop. So then comes the risk to default to yes when someone comes with good intentions.

Then as consequence you can be with your trusted partner but wearing mask to protect yourself from being seen, because you feel you haven't been honest in your body and you´re resisting your own feelings of yourself, not liking yourself or whatever then you feel you can´t feel your partner.

To become receptive to pleasure you have to learn to slow down enough to be able to feel something and then from that feeling you can say no I don't want that or I do want.

So this is about learning how to take what feels like sometimes the awkward amount of time that it takes but you have to have the musculature. And also getting curious on to be like how do I feel what do I want and if the answer is I don't know then come back and say just let's just say no because I don't know I can't tell how I feel and that's good enough start.


Ready To Become Receptive To Pleasure?

A true voluptuous jumping into the train of delight requires true consent. And here´s what will show you how to get there. Presenting, Episode #75 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast “How To Become Receptive To Pleasure” with choreographer and dancer Alexandra Beller.


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What You´ll Learn In This Episode

  • 1:56 Recognizing your personal truth.
  • 3:38 Getting into a vulnerable state.
  • 4:14 Finding the movement within stillness.
  • 4:49 How not to shut down when you´re being seen.
  • 5:49 Is more the pain of recovering from wearing a mask.
  • 6:34 Slowing down to set the consent necesary for intimacy and touch.
  • 7:49 The risk to default to yes when someone comes with good intentions.
  • 8:37 You have to learn to slow down enough to be able to feel something and then from that feeling you can say no I don't want that or I do want.
  • 11:15 Knowing how to honor yourself through consent and get back to your feelings and your desires for art making, sensuality, sexuality and pleasure.
  • 16:05 Sensing your big heart and your big desires to sharing your voluptuous being.
  • 18:01 Feeling guilty parenting because having to choose at moments whether to tend to your needs or the ones of your kids.
  • 20:26 Getting to truthful experiences by first accepting, then coming to stillness and finding the movement within stillness.
  • 23:20 The pain of braicing from intense chronic pain.
  • 24:56 Overcoming the inability to connect with people and inability to soften and receive.
  • 25:02 Letting go of the mask that protects you from being seen on intimacy.
  • 25:41 Welcoming everything from the inside of you, joy, fear, grief, everything.
  • 29:08 Exercise 1: Letting head and spine have a conversation in Constructive Rest Position (CRP).
  • 32:26 Exercise 2: Exploring the movement of each half of the breath.


About Alexandra Beller

Alexandra Beller, Artistic Director of Alexandra Beller/Dances, (2002-present), was a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company from 1995-2001. Alexandra has created over 40 original Dance Theatre works, presented at/commissioned by theatres throughout NYC, and companies in Korea, Hong Kong, Oslo, Cyprus, and the US. She has created dance theater works for over 45 Universities throughout the US, including Barnard, SUNY Purchase, Rutgers, Princeton, UCSB, U of M (Ann Arbor), Ohio University, and The New School. Alexandra currently choreographs predominantly for Theatre. Credits: Off Broadway: Sense and Sensibility (Sheen Center, Judson Gym, Folger Shakespeare Library, American Repertory Theatre, Portland Center Stage), (Helen Hayes Award, Lortel Nomination, IRNE Best Choreography), The Mad Ones (59E59), Bedlam’s Peter Pan (Duke Theatre), How to transcend a happy marriage (Lincoln Center Theatre), Regional: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival), As You Like It (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Folger Shakespeare Library), The Young Ladies of... (Taylor Mac), Chang(e) (HERE), Current: Antonio’s Song (CATF, Milwaukee Rep), Fandango for Butterflies (and Coyotes) (La MaMa, and touring), Directing/Choreographing Macbeth. She is on faculty at Princeton and The Laban Institute for Movement Studies. Alexandra holds a BFA/Dance, MFA/Choreography, and CMA/Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals. She develops courses in Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Directing, Dramaturgy, Choreography, Pedagogy, and more. She regularly teaches residencies and master classes at Universities and studios nationally and internationally. She supports teachers and creators in numerous offerings, including monthly Pedagogy Masterminds, Laban/Bartenieff discussion groups, and artistic feedback sessions (all FREE and available through her website). She also offers private Bartenieff, Somatic therapy, and artistic mentorship to humans of every age. For more info:

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