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#6 Psoas, Survival and Full Body Orgasms — Liz Koch Founder of Core Awareness

What´s The Relation Of The Psoas To Survival And Whole Body Orgasms? 

The outmost pleasure and the potency to stay alive both come from the Psoas. 

The Psoas crosses your center in all directions. Back, up and center spanning from the last thoracic to the fourth lumbar vertebra of the low back to front, low and lateral inserting at the minor trochanter of the thigh bone.

It takes the legs forward for running away, kicking in a fight or curling up to protect the organs in the survival response. Interestingly enough it also transmits the rippling waves of pleasure along the spine in full body orgasms.

"It´s about warding off to get bigger. And to get smaller it´s all about survival. It´s all about flourishing, whole body orgasm is an expression of the psoas, a wave motion like a current."  -Liz Koch


Why Stress Can Block Pleasure?

You may not run away, slap someone in the face or curl under the table after an argument but your Psoas will definitely be ready for it.

Stress is natural. But not dealing with it through movement takes it´s toll. A panther in the jungle is stressed everyday but her Psoas effects the pertaining movement adapting to the ever changing environment.

The problem is to be sedentarily inhibited locking stress in engrained patterns of tension. 

Stress will stay in the Psoas if you don´t go for a walk, move or rest in a way you release that tension. It sometimes it stays as long as a lifetime. Even old childhood memories surface when working to the Psoas.

This state of core vigilance is contrary to the soft core openness in trust that allows the transmission of pleasure in the body.

"The primal psoas is all about survival. You will go in as a response of protection". -Liz Koch


How To Work With The Psoas?

The anatomy of the Psoas is unique. It´s our "tender loin", and has been considered beyond a muscle as a "sensory organ".

Therefore the Psoas is best tended by relaxation and nourishing movements, often working through it´s subtle participation in the breath pattern. In contrast to the aggressive trends of loading and stretching it. 

"It´s about finding a language that is science but that is not found on the mechanical perspective or paradigm." -Liz Koch


How To Unravel The Psoas Into Pleasure?

By releasing patterns of stress and allowing the Psoas to regain it´s responsive ability as the transmission pleasure.

"Our spine is a river, is a caterpillar it responds as a caterpillar." -Liz Koch


Get A Sense Of The Psoas In The Sensual Sessions #6 With Liz Koch!

This extraordinary session is with nonetheless Psoas Expert Liz Koch. For your pleasure:



About Liz Koch 

Liz Koch is the Director of Core Awareness, author of The Psoas Book, Core Awareness: Enhancing Yoga, Pilates, Exercise & Dance, Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence, and more. She´s a movement researcher with a background as a conceptual artist and approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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