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#65 Polarity To Increase Intimate Pleasure — Joni Christine Fraser

How Does Polarity Helps To Increase Intimate Pleasure

Polarity is a practice of sacred Intimacy. It´s a way to show up differently in relationships and use relationships as a tool for spiritual maturity and spiritual growth.

It has a sacred aspect when looking at somatics and the body. Embodied through the experience of what is traditionaly known as alfa or masculine energy and the other is omega or feminine energy.

We all have both energies in varying degrees. And we can embody them in different situations making a conscious choice.

But increasing intimate pleasure comes when one partner is in Alpha and the other in the polar opposite that is Omega.


What´s The Difference Between Alpha Masculine Energy And Omega Feminine Energy

Alfa or masculine energy has this purpose orientated, goal focused, penetrative moving forward kind of energy, problem solving, tasks like making lists, logical thinking of step by step procedures.

Omega throws all those lists off the window, no recipe to follow. It´s just moment to moment enjoying, feeling and expressing intimate pleasure, it´s about connection and nurture and beauty and be alive now.


Are we born with that energetic setup, is it a matter of education or decision?

Multiple factors play a role, who you were born to. Social conditioning, role models around assuming certain polarity us influence how we develop in regards to intimate pleasure.

We always have choice, we are not slaves to one of these energy or the other. But we have to become aware of this freedom.

We develop this energetic ability to move from one energy from the other but at the root you can feel one of those is your essence.


The Omega/ Alpha Polarity In Terms Of Genitals

Omega is one that enjoys being penetrated. Whereas Alpha is the penetrator.

The polarity in specific dynamic increases intimate pleasure.


The Omega/ Alpha Polarity In Terms Of The Voice

Do you like to tell your lover, and command your lover on what to do? That would be Alpha like a Dominatrix, commanding, directing, leading the way towards intimate pleasure.

Or maybe you´re more on receiving direction and being told what to do? Omega is more about surrendering, following, opening up, allowing and receiving intimate pleasure.


The Omega/ Alpha Polarity In Terms Of The Mind

Do you like to feel your lovers attention on you, them enjoying your body and your intimate pleasure being seen? This is Omega, feeling the pleasure rippling through her body, lost in al the sensation and enjoying.

An Alpha being wants to see Omega in ecstasy. That´s how they get intimate pleasure.

Do you want to be the center of attention? Or you want the attention be focused on the beloved lost in ecstasy?

Candia´s gay dance teacher said that “there´s no greater pleasure than producing pleasure in the other”, which is Alpha. While Candia said, “no, there´s no greater pleasure than pleasure itself being experienced,” which is Omega. He also said he likes to dance but he loves working backstage choreographing the dance that is shown. He prefers to be the Puppeteer moving the Puppets. This to say he´s very Alpha Masculine Energy oriented in his polarity though he´s gay.


3 Polarity Energetic Interactions

Alpha - Alpha Great for business partnership and running a house. But there´s no sexual chemistry, gone. Both will be butting heads.

Omega - Omega Great for friendship. It´s a heartwarming connection. It´s like watching Netflix, crying and processing emotions together. But there´s no juicy chemistry.

Alpha - Omega You relate in opposite energies, there´s a sexual charge. You get there by developing a playful curiosity sensing in what energy you´re in and interacting with your partner in the opposite polarity.


How To Work With These Energies Of Polarity

It´s important to be aware in what energy you are and the process to shift into the other energy when necessary.

Alpha is like being a bad ass entrepreneur killing it, then arriving home in that mode and butting heads with your beloved that is also Alpha. So you shift to Omega and connect in polarity.

Omega is like I don´t wanna go to the gym, just wanna lay here enjoy the clouds, then you get nowhere. So you shift to Alpha and get it done.

At the beginning you´re a little clumsy but then as you keep doing it, you become better at it. The shift is faster and more efficient.


What To Do If Your Partner Is Not Showing Up Fully

A relative sense of safety is always needed. If our Alpha partner is not showing up fully, we can feel that. And we can get triggered, closed, collapsed and start to take charge like look my Alpha´s got that. There´s a time and place for that that is appropriate, but if we´re wanting to deepen into this practices and want to inspire our partner to step up their game wont happen from the Alpha. The operative word here is inspiration, not being commanding.

So try in a different way. When we´re really focused on what we want and how we want it we are acting from the Stage 1 about me and what I want. But what we´d actually want to do is more Stage 3 to come from a place of equanimity meaning I can have this or I can not have this, either way I´m gonna show up as love.

So, as an Omega, instead of telling the other what to do, you can let other know what feels good. “Yes, that. More, more!.”

For Alpha, being in the bedroom is like driving a racing car 90 mph on the canyon hills with no lights. If we as Omega don´t say what´s going on, they´ll fall to the cliff. They´re doing their best to drive this Formula 1 at full speed just to please you. So if you come with an attitude of nothing is never enough because that´s how you cover your problem of feeling not deserving, you´re risking hurting the other person.

Feedback is not a discursive speech with an agenda but a an embodied feedback that is fleshly voicing what´s going on in the moment. That´s sincere.


What´s True Presence?

Awareness, sensitivity, equanimity.

When we can live there more from moment to moment to moment, we actually invite our Alpha lovers to blow our minds away.

When we´re not telling them what to do, but we´re letting them know what our needs are with what feels good and what doesn´t, suddenly the impossible will happen, things we didn´t even knew were imaginable. He can step up and be our hero.

That is the state when you become inspiration as Omega.


Delight all that´s in Episode #65 “Polarity To Increase Intimate Pleasure” of The Sensual Sessions Podcast with Yoga Teacher, Coach and Somatic Psychology Counselor, Joni Christine Fraser.


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