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#70 Reconnecting With The Pleasure Of Sensitivity — Sonja Johansson

How To Reconnect With The Pleasure Of Sensitivity

There´s a number of reasons that can lead you to feel tuned off from yourself. Ranging from burnout, distraction or even a sense of unworthiness for falling short from societal expectations that was passed on to you through generations.

It´s normal to shy and invincible in regards to your bodily experience of pleasure as a way to coping. The great news is that you can come back to your senses at any moment, no matter how long you´ve been disconnected from yourself.

The way to reconnect with the pleasure of sensitivity is simply by getting out of your head and starting to listen the messages from your body.

It doesn´t matter if you a) feel clearly, b) feel nothing), c) don´t know if you feel. Because if you can identify what´s going on, even if you sense nothing, you´re already sensing!


Creative Ways To Feel Comfortable With Your Pleasure Sensitivity

There may be a time where you were disqualified for being just as you are. “Toughen up young boy/ girl” may be something you were told or modeled that literally made you believe softness was weakness and walling off sensitivity was strength. When the exact opposite is true.

The softness of sensitivity allows provides more information to your nervous system to organize efficient action, which interestingly enough has the quality of being pleasurable. Think on the olympic ice skaters, doing extremely complex feats and delighting in them. Pleasure is an expression of mastery as well.

You can restore your sense of worthiness of pleasure through experiencing yourself creatively in a more physical way.

Play some music and dance explore doing your own thing choreographically without having to fit in. Add some words to it voicing how you feel. Do your own private theatre until you feel comfortable enough to let out more of yourself in your everyday living.

Physical sensation was our first language. You can´t have a physical sensation without emotion, this is why it´s so fundamental to move in a sensitive way.


Integrating Feldenkrais With Pilates For Increasing Sensitivity To Pleasure

Feldenkrais and Pilates are great ways for getting to know more about yourself.

This self knowledge is not only on a discursive level. It´s not about who you are because of your credentials, accomplishments, money or whatever.

It´s about who you are stemming from the deep knowledge of how does it feels to be yourself.

To integrate Feldenkrais and Pilates, you´ve got to be comfortable with everyone in the room doing something a little bit different, it doesn´t look like an exercise class. It´s more like a bunch of kids exploring.

This approach from Sonja Johansson is no more about movement along a plane of movement but about integrating the multiplanar functionality given that there is no straight bone in the body and they all have a litlle bend in them. And when you always start from the framework of sensing pleasure in movement.


Feeling Tuned Off From Pleasure Sensitivity?

Discover how to get out of your head and starting to listen the messages from your body on episode #70 Reconnecting With The Pleasure Of Sensitivity with Honest Exercise Director and Feldenkrais Method@ Practitioner, Sonja Johansson.


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About Sonja Johansson

I believe the quality of your movement is the quality of your life.If you’re struggling with pain, recovering from an injury, feeling the effects of aging, neurological issues or lack of motivation - there is a secret weapon to help you combat them. It doesn’t require specialized equipment, complicated routines, extensive study and it’s right at your fingertips. I am passionate about improving people’s lives by imparting a greater awareness of their functional movement, to give them tools to transform their life.  For over 20 years I have used the principles of a powerful neuro-motor practice called the Feldenkrais Method to inform my pilates teaching as well as fitness training with groups and individuals. Specializing in individuals recovering from injury, neurological issues, performing artists and seniors, I maintain a private clinical practice in New York and present workshops across the country and overseas.  In addition I offer many ONLINE live as well as pre-recorded learning opportunities so you can work with me in the comfort of your home.

I have studied extensively in many disciplines including:

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology Post Graduate studies with Irene Dowd
  • Ideokinesis (the work of Lulu Sweigard)
  • Feldenkrais Advance Trainings with Larry Goldfarb
  • Bones for Life, Chairs/Walk for Life and Solutions for Optimal Movement with Ruthy Alon
  • American Nordic Walking Association
  • Systema Martial Arts
  • Parkour
  • TRX: Suspension Training
  • Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Voice including LSVT and Linklater
  • The Anat Baniel Method
  • The M.E.L.T. Method
  • Pilates and Barre Methods
  • Theravada Meditation

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