Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder and Sarahí Castañeda Director of Lelo Mexico and Latin America in an Interview for Centro De Poder´s The Sensual Sessions Podcast

#2 Pleasure Objects (Sex Toys) — Sarai Castañeda Director of LELO

Discover what happens when you´re crossing the airport´s magnetic entrance with a backpack full of pleasure objects (sex toys), how to safely start your journey of sexual self discovery, what the wonderful 70 year old aunt from Sarai has to say about it—and much more in this episode #2 of The Sensual Sessions from Centro De Poder .com hosted by Candia Raquel interviewing Sarai Castañeda, LELO Executive Director for Mexico and Latin America.



About Sarahí Castañeda

She´s LELO Executive Director for Mexico and Latin America.

Former Directive of Sally Supply, Conair and Fuller.

Owner of Beauty Salons. Follow Sarahí on Instagram @kaliquish

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