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#76 Embodied Marketing For Pleasurable Productivity — Angela McMillan

How Embodied Marketing Can Help For Achieving Pleasurable Productivity

Angela shares her story as a breakdancer trying to master the windmill move, spinning on the back of the shoulders with the legs up in the air, by pushing herself to move faster but found herself flopping like a fish in the floor.

Turned out that her teacher taught her on the Feldenkrais® way of moving slow in order to be fast. Meaning going slow through of the process in order to learn each movement perfectly which after practice became the whole movement became natural leading to mastery.

This is the exact way to reach your productivity goals in a pleasurable way.

She applies this approach of embodiment to her marketing coaching by first laying out the foundations and making sure her clients don´t miss key steps which otherwise lead to no sales. In this way her clients learn to meet their customers right where they´re at, understand their needs and desires to provide them satisfaction.


One Key Embodied Marketing Tip For Pleasurable Productivity

A great way to be productive and have pleasure while doing it is to separate creative from organizational tasks.

Set time aside for getting in the flow state of creativity without technology and all notifications off, for example use one day to write the text of your newsletter in a notebook.

Then use a different pocket of time to deal with machines, for example scheduling your news letter. This is one of many embodied marketing ways to supporting your nervous system along the different productive processes.


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Here´s episode #76 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast “Embodied Marketing For Pleasurable Productivity” with Embodiment Marketing Mentor and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, Angela McMillan.


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About Angela McMillan

Latest science research into the brain/body tells us movement can help us live a better life with greater calm, more focus and less pain. Angela McMillan is a speaker and coach on transformational movement. With over 20 years of training as a movement professional with her experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Dance Teacher. Angela is the creator of Movement Online Academy, Host of Awareness in Motion podcast and CEO of StoryVision Bootcamp (marketing growth coaching program). Angela shares what is at the cutting edge of neuroscience and brain/body connection and how anyone can enhance their business and life with movement. Angela helps movement professionals and wellness coaches grow epic personal brands without burnout. Angela’s unique methodology StoryVision brings your personal brand to life, inspiring your audience to become your raving fans. Angela lives in Adelaide with her growing little two-man army (young boys) and enjoys reading in her courtyard garden.

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