Pilates for Pregnancy: A Sustaining Embrace Through Changes. Interview with Lizbeth García

A woman when she´s first pregnant, the belly just wants to let go, it tells the body there is no longer time to do the crunches, it wants to open up and make room for the baby. For me the awareness and connection of the Transverse Abdominis that I knew so well changed, I no longer had the control that I normally had with the TA pulling in, I had to find that intense connection all over again. - Lizbeth García 

International Pilates Star LIZBETH GARCÍA shares with us on this exclusive interview about Pilates for pregnancy:

  • How to stay connected
  • How to support the lordotic spine while the pelvis is tilting forward
  • How to become aware of the obliques and the oblique sling system
  • How to understand of the structural muscles of the spine
  • How to stabilize the pelvis with the gluteal muscles and hamstrings
  • How to balance the wobbly pelvis through the lateral system
  • How to identify very distinctive back pain in pregnancy


And favorite Pilates exercises:

  • Lumbar support for pregnancy
  • Pillow supported Roll Up for pregnancy
  • The 5 abdominals series all time favorite high performance challenge

Liz is an Anthropologist, dancer and former Fitness Instructor at Rancho La Puerta Spa and Luxury Resort. International Pilates DVD Star. Owner of Tilcia Pilates Studio in San Diego. NCPT. Certified by On Center Conditioning Studio up in Costa Mesa and Rael Isacowitz. Balanced Body Master Teacher Trainer and Presenter at HRSA, IDEA and PMA conferences. Get in touch with Liz for Pilates Training at San Diego and World Wide conferences at: And learn more Pilates for pregnancy with Liz´s: 10 minute solution for prenatal Pilates DVD!

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