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#40 Persistent Growth And Sensuality — Michael Landau

Working hard?

Instead create in a less strenuous, more effective and sensually pleasurable way with the mindful movement habit of Persistent Growth. 


 What You´ll Learn With Michael Landau At The “Persistent Growth” Episode #40 Of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

0:18 Michael Landau is the Founder of Persistent Growth, Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, Pianist and Professor, at The Sensual Sessions Podcast episode #40 on Persistent Growth And Sensuality.

0:56 How Persistent Growth was invented during the Pandemic after Michael decided to leave his 30 year musical career in teaching and playing the piano to dedicate himself to teaching this online view of the Feldenkrais Method®.

02:20 How to organize your time through habits to manage the repetitive things that you have to do every day.

02:45 Persistent Growth as an amalgam of habit creation and the Feldenkrais Method®. By reducing the length of the session doing movements concentrated to their very essence so time is not an issue for making it a daily practice of 3 minutes a day of Mindful Movement.

04:16 How daily tiny changes make things happen over time.

05:40 How sensuality here at Centro De Poder refers to simply sensing pleasure through the senses and expressing it through movement completely free from inhibition, becomes relevant when it´s practiced every day as part of your lifestyle.

06:19 How when pleasure appears as an obligation it becomes doomed which is why most approaches on sensuality and sexuality don´t work.

07:03 How to practice awareness without being an obligation, since sensuality has become a product in our civilization, by reminding yourself again and again to look for what feels good because we´re really trained out of it. We ignore the signals we get from our body and learn to try harder, to push against the wall, to forget about pleasure, about having a good time doing whatever it is that we´re doing.

08:29 The Feldenkrais Method® being really revolutionary in taking something that should be quite obvious and normal in life like “do you like what you´re doing? If not, why do it?”.

08:53 “We should be present in everything we do, and it´s not, we really learn not to do it. When a baby is playing around if it doesn´t seem good just stop and do something else. So in Persistent Growth I ask myself and my students again and again, does it feel good? Are you trying too hard? Is it doing you any good what you´re doing now? If not, don´t do it, find another way. So this is part of the routine of looking for alternatives that are nicer, more effective, less strenuous, that don´t harm you and feel good.”

13:29 It´s a trap to think that sensual pleasure is a goal that you have to pay for on the way of achieving it.

15:55 Why we don´t want to work hard.

16:10 How when you relax and lower your muscle tone you become more sensitive. This is something that Feldenkrais knew based on one of the first discoveries in measurable neurology on the 19th century. If there´s a lot of light you don´t notice a small difference in daylight when somebody lights a candle behind you. While it´s a huge difference if it is in a dark room. The same with pleasure, when you try hard to get it you become less sensitive to it, so you have to try harder. I you just relax and listen to yourself and move in life in a way that feels good then your sensual pleasure is a constant byproduct, not something you have to chase.

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About Michael

Michael Landau was a professional pianist and university professor for over 30 years. He has also been a Feldenkrais practitioner since 1994, after graduating from the first Jerusalem training.

His work with Mindful Movement is enriched by his lifelong engagement with performing artists; it emphasizes self-care and creativity. He claims that the Feldenkrais Method® has allowed him to survive and thrive in the long daily hours at the piano.

During the pandemic, as he was forced to move his classes online, Michael has designed an online course of short daily Mindful Movement practices that helps his students create the habit of daily conscious movement. His students are amazed at how much you can improve with a constant practice of three minutes a day.

Michael grew up in Israel, studied music in Vienna, Austria, and taught at the Vienna Conservatory for 11 years; he then moved to Chile where he currently lives in a small town with his family. A few years ago, he quit his musical career and is now dedicated to teaching Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement. Michael has training in energy work, Buddhism and the enneagram. His multi-faceted approach turns his teachings into a holistic experience of growth and learning.

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