Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Sharon Gimpel Feldenkrais Method Practitioner in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 35 Awaken Pelvic Floor Sensuality

#35 Awaken Pelvic Floor Sensuality — Sharon Gimpel

Kegels not enough?

Discover the Pelvic Floor as a gift to experience resilience, vulnerability and somatic pleasure with the Feldenkrais Method® in this episode of The Sensual Sessions podcast with Sharon Gimpel!


What You´ll Learn On This Awaken Pelvic Floor Sensuality Episode #35 Of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

00:14 Sharon Gimpel is a Dance Artist, Doula and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner.
01:03 Somatic movement and the singular sense of the Pelvic Floor that has nothing to do with kegel.
01:42 Why it´s better to talk about an area rather than Pelvic Floor.
02:04 How the more you sense the richer is your experience in the pelvic floor.
02:20 How wearing diapers as a baby made you unfamiliar with the Pelvic Floor.
03:20 How Pelvic Floor sensuality was hidden from you.
03:25 How to become aware of your Pelvic Floor beyond culture, fear and trauma.
03:53 How to shift from the exercise mentality to awakening the pleasure sensitivity.
04:00 Pelvic Floor Sensual Awakening FREE practice with Sharon Gimpel.
17:54 How the Pelvic Floor influences your sense of identity.
18:22 How to get an upright posture by awakening the Pelvic Floor.
20:29 Why getting in touch with the Pelvic Floor is an exercise of honesty.
21:04 The brilliance of the Feldenkrais Method in being very matter of fact connecting the magic of the experience with the ground of the skeleton.
21:41 How to use kissing or whitling´s ring muscles to connect with the Pelvic Floor.
22:00 What´s the core anatomy connection of breathing and the Pelvic Floor.
23:47 How to use the Pelvic Floor as a doorway to connect with the Diaphragm.
23:50 Feldenkrais Method®´s somatic way to use the feet or palms of the hands to connect with everything.
25:00 How the Pelvic Floor can remind you of your strength and sense of uprightness.
25:21 Understanding the Pelvic Floor as a gift, a beautiful tool to come back to sensitive resilience and vulnerability.
27:34 Welcoming your singular experience of pleasure in your pelvic floor.
28:15 How to deal as a woman or as a man with a sense of trauma, pain or discomfort in the Pelvic Floor to facilitate movement and welcome pleasure.
29:00 How to get rid of the morality inhibiting Pelvic Floor´s sensual and sexual pleasure.
32:54 How to use the Pelvic Floor materiality to feel grounded.




About Sharon Gimpel

Studied at Consious Birthing Doula training

Studied at Eilat Almagor Feldenkrais training

Studied at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Went to Tichon Ironi Daled Al Shem Aharon Katzir****

Sharon Gimpel is a Feldenkrais and somatic movement practitioner, a doula and a movement artist based in Stroud. Sharon has a BA in movement and movement notation from the Jerusalem Academy of music and Dance (1999-2003), she trained as a Feldenkrais practitioner with Dr. Eilat Almagor (Jerusalem 2004 and Italy 2006), and completed the ‘Walk of life’ training of environmental and non styled movement with Helen Poynor (2014-2016). Sharon teaches Feldenkrais and for the last 16 years in both groups and individual settings and run workshops combining Awareness through Movement classes with non styled movement and improvisation. She also teaches Pelvic Floor Awareness courses. Her evolving movement research is influenced, fed and inspired by her various teachers and paths- The Eshcol-Vachman movement notation, Amos Hetz, Yael Cnaani, Movement Improvisation, the Feldenkrais Method and in the last 10 years, working with Helen Poynor’s non styled environmental movement.

As a dancer she has been (and is) creating work in various collaborations, both in Israel and the UK.

Sharon passionately believes that through deepening our connection to our bodies we deepen our connection to our selves, to others around us and to our environment. She finds movement and dance as a door into a greater awareness and to a more meaningful and pleasurable journey of life.

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