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#63 How To Unravel Orgasmic Pleasure As A Woman — Dr Marcy Pondi

How To Unravel Orgasmic Pleasure As A Woman When You´re Entangled In Unworthiness

Maybe you lost your capacity for pleasure by numbing yourself from difficult life experiences. Which can lead to having your real and/ or metaphorical fertility channel blocked.

Good news is that Dr Marcy Pondi states that you can restore your inner connection to pleasure as medicine.


How To Feel Worthy Of Orgasmic Pleasure As A Woman

This is a journey of worthiness. Feeling worthy of pleasure. This comes in unfolding layers at every step as a feminine non-linear way of healing.

You begin by allowing the body to receive, from receiving nutrients to getting time for non-doing. Exploring being apart of doing stuff.

This is supported by restoring boundaries. Safety can be blurry. So it´s about learning how to feel. Finding stability, present time, present space. Finding what can support you now in a real physical sense. The couch, the floor, support in something that don´t move.

You find that working with small doable pieces yields huge power. Just like watering a plant. Not overflowing, not letting it dry. Give only one drop if that´s all that the body can allow in this moment.


There´s Grounded Hope In Restoring Your Orgasmic Pleasure Ability

Can´t say there is no hope. Dr Marcy Pondi have seen what it looks like miracles. Both here my body and my patience. More like grounded hope. Practice, experience. Natural outcome.

By going deeper into the heart you bring a deep current to the cervix from the Earth.

It´s impressive the womens ability for pleasure when the right conditions for their body present. Cultivate that.

This creates a huge effect in your family, clients and life. Pleasure ripples like a wave of orgasms and transformation.


Orgasmic Pleasure Is A Devotional Practice

Devotion is a way of tending to sensitivity. If the body is blocked or tense towards new sensations you´ve got to take it slower. Maybe you need something like time. Sometimes it takes a day, others a week, a month, a year or more. That´s why you need to have tools to let the body move and transform herself.

Orgasmic pleasure unravels with devotion, passion, patience, time and space. Allowing to have all the time in the world even if it´s one second, having one second of infinite patience.


There´s More Than Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoris is amazing but can be limiting to pleasure to only think about the clitoris.

Clitoral orgasm. G-Spot orgasm. Cervix, A-Spot, B-Spot, K-Spot. Multiple physical stuff.

But the whole body can be orgasmic.

Touch the skin, breathe, allowing sound. Orgasmic pleasure moves through the body until the body is transformed into something else.

Pleasure in the throat can be taken from deep throating, the nipples, the anus.


 The Whole Body Is Calling You For Pleasure

Because you´re worthy of pleasure!

But if you´re not sure about feeling like that, here´s The Sensual Sessions episode #63 on How To Unravel Orgasmic Pleasure As A Woman with Coach, Alchemist and Medical Doctor, Marcy Pondi.


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