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#14 How To Be Naked With The Lights On Beyond Shame — John Britton


Can you be naked in front of your audience?

Can you be naked in front of yourself?

Can you allow yourself to be seen?


Can You Be Naked With The Lights ON?

That metaphor has nothing to do with what clothes you're wearing, or not wearing. The metaphor is about being willing to be seen without hiding behind anything. Without feeling that you must either conceal yourself through clothing or conceal yourself by turning the lights off.


Can you be who you are? Without shame?

For many people to be seen naked without the lights off with the lights on is an example of that. But we have dreams where you suddenly find you're running naked down the street. Those are often shamed dreams or for a performer thinking about exposing themselves either physically or emotionally. It's all about shame.


Find the way to be just as you are now, without shame, in the Sensual Sessions #14 with John Britton:



About John Britton

MA John Britton has been teaching, directing, performing, writing and researching for thirty years. He started from working as a performer in Physical Theatre, but over time his work grew to embrace theatre, dance, circus, and other body-based disciplines, with a particular focus on ensemble, physical theatre, improvisation, psychophysicality and presence.

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