Candia Raquel founder of Centro De Poder and guest Jessica Graham Hollywood Star and Filmmaker, Trauma Resolution Guide, Good Sex: How To Get Off Without Checking Out, Author in the cover of episode 88 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast The Sensuality In Being Lovable.

#88 The Sensuality In Feeling Lovable — Jessica Graham

How To Connect With The Sensuality In Feeling Lovable

“We want the option of like I am fully human, my heart is totally broken and my heart is totally whole and I can witness and take action and at the same time take care of this beautiful human that has this complicated and delicate nervous system and we can therefore live another day.”

Says my guest Jessica Graham, Hollywood Star and Filmmaker, Trauma Resolution Guide and Author of “Good Sex: How To Get Off Without Checking Out,” so for me pleasure is an incredible resource for activists, so we must emphasize our own pleasure and by being in the embodiment of all the pleasure that is available to us even when we´re in emotional or physical pain we´re modeling that for others and that´s such a gift, that´s such an important kind of activism, to show that actually even with all these horrors is possible to feel good and it doesn´t mean that you´re avoiding, doesn´t mean that you´re checking out, doesn´t mean that you´re bypassing, you are so awake, you are so present that you´re recognizing it is not black and white,  there´s a whole massive never ending rainbow of human experience.  


Expect To Hear About 

  • How to soft launch the pronoun of your gender expression to reflect your embodiment of pleasure and authenticity.
  • Going beyond trauma and even internalized patriarchy when considering “beautiful” and “handsome” to be gender neutral.
  • How to allow space for people to reveal their own identity.
  • Jessica on painting her nails, doing her make up, getting turned on by being called “good girl” while considering herself they/ them non-binary. While Candia dressing like a guy during here graffiti artist teenage years while not feeling either like a guy or a woman.
  • How to share your authentic expression with your partner instead of fitting into their mold to make them choose you.
  • How to go from shrinking yourself to allowing yourself to be seen.
  • When to be controlled and when to loose control in order for unleashing the pure creative life force of intimacy.
  • How to deal with other people projecting on you when you´re open about sexual expression.
  • Why it can be important to rest on the spiritual and come back to working the human.
  • Understanding how the scars of emotional wounds make a template to match with people leading to a relational revictimization loop and how to get out of the pattern.
  • How trauma resolution work allows to have a fulfilling sexual life after the PTSD of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.
  • How to get off without checking out.
  • On Adrienne Maree Brown´s “Pleasure Activism” book on being open to pleasure when the world is burning.
  • On Bell Hooks´s “All About Love” book stating that love and abuse cannot exist together. 
  • On understanding we must connect to our own pleasure because if we either shut down in condoning apathy or we drop into the it´s you versus me and me versus you sort of tribalism.
  • How to learn at a brain chemistry level to be safe and get turned on when you experienced the trauma of love hapenning in the context of scary dangerous situations. 
  • What if lack of tenderness means straightforward violence.
  • On calling out the multi-billion dollar wellness industry profiting on basic human rights like rest, hydration and healthy food.
  • On being sex forward, refusing to fake pleasure and getting yours by feeling comfortable expressing your intimate needs with your partner.
  • How to accept being loved as a perfectly imperfect human through the depths and multilayered faceted path of pleasure and sex. 
  • Jessica Graham answers what good sex is.


Want To Get Off Without Checking Out? 

Discover how to dive deeper into intimate sensuality here in Episode # 88 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast “The Sensuality In Feeling Lovable” with Hollywood Star and Filmmaker, Trauma Resolution Guide and Author of “Good Sex: How To Get Off Without Checking Out,” Jessica Graham.


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About Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham is a trauma resolution guide, specializing in complex-developmental trauma and post-traumatic growth. Jessica is also a meditation teacher, chronic pain coach, sex, relationship, and spiritual guide for couples and individuals, international speaker, and author of Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out, which has been translated into several languages. They are a certified ReBloom Post-Traumatic Growth Guide, a Grief Recovery Specialist, and have trained in Brainspotting. They have  offered workshops at various centers internationally, including Esalen Institute, and have been interviewed/quoted for such publications as, Women’s Health Magazine, Bustle, GOOP, Lion’s Roar, The Lilly, Health Magazine, and more. Jessica can also be found in The Great Courses’ Masters of Mindfulness.  In addition to this, Jessica is an award-winning actor and filmmaker. Connect with Jessica on Instagram @jessicaclarkgraham and at Their upcoming book of essays and poems will be released by North Atlantic books in fall of 2024.

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