Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Ryan Nagy Feldenkrais Method Practitioner in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 22 Intense Pleasure Awareness.

#22 Intense Sensual Awareness — Ryan Nagy

Lost Sensual Pleasure Awareness?

Perhaps you forget your body by spending too much time in the computer being up in your head. Your nervous system needs movement awareness to access intense sensual pleasure.

We very rarely talk about sensing pleasure, like “oh I have this strange pleasure that´s happening all the time. Oh, Doctor, can you help me I, I feel I just feel pleasure in my, on my legs. And I don´t know
where it´s coming from.” - Ryan Nagy

Become intensely aware of your sensitivity in this episode with l´enfant terrible of the Feldenkrais Method, Ryan Nagy:




The Sensual Sessions #22 Intense Sensual Awareness

0:28 Persevering in awareness

0:50 Ryan Nagy shares he was such a train wreck doing drugs, drinking, living in his car and how when doing the weird movements in Moshe Feldenkrais´s book Awareness Through Movement HE KNEW he wouldn´t do more.

0:18 Perseverance as long as you trust your whole organism and you´re not forcing yourself.

2:05 Ryan´s lunch with John Grinder founder of Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP.

5:23 Depression relapse from spending too much time in front of the computer.

6:00 Getting back on the floor again and do Feldenkrais to get the sensory experience.

6:55 Rebuilding your life again after a relationship breakup, selling the house and moving to another country.

9:19 How we forget parts of our body sometimes by spending too much time in the computer up in your head. The nervous system looses touch with it because it´s not movement. Your body needs movement to know where it is.

10:47 What to do when you can´t really focus your mind in your breath?

11:17 Meditate focusing on your physical sensations.

14:49 “Awareness Through Movement” that´s a brilliant formula right in the title of Moshe´s book.

17:20 Why maybe people don´t want to really know about pleasure.

20:20 How pleasure fits in your experience.

21:08 Pleasure as an experience of easy, an outcome of learning, in a way a mastery. Like the skill of lifting your cup of coffee and taking a sip.

22:08 It´s a societal problem that we don´t talk about pleasure and we lack a framework for understanding pleasure.

20:20 We are disconnected from nature to start with. Pleasure is not only our birthright but an ultimate expression of health.

25:22 We cover up the pleasure and talk a lot about pain and therapy but what about what´s already there. Simply breathing, touching everything is fundamentally pleasurable.

25:58 What happens when you reach a goal and you´re disconnected from pleasure.

26:20 Mike Tyson loosing a fortune and saying that God punishes us by giving us what we want to see if we can handle it.

27:20 Being endowed to desire as the pursuit of happiness but not it´s attainment.

27:52 If you never arrive to satisfaction the circle is never fulfilled. Which is a cause of destruction of natural resources.

28:52 Moshe Feldenkrais opening a chapter of “Body and Mature Behavior: A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation, and Learning” with “Coitus is a pleasurable act”.

32:50 Ballet chicks are hardcore. Short careers, injuries and after the season ended pouring their adrenaline into drinking, going crazy or just wanting to sleep with everybody.

33:52 Working your way through pain in ballet training

34:17 How disregarding pain is a disservice to yourself specially when you live for the applause.

35:19 Everyone in the street noticing Candia Raquel´s effortless walk after few days of Bones For Life Applied Feldenkrais training.

36:00 Walking like a river.

37:00 When the perception of yourself is biased.

38:02 Dancing with the mirrors covered. Dancing from the inside out.

38:16 Ohad Naharin, director of the Batscheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, creator of the Gaga Dance Movement Toolbox and his background in Feldenkrais.

38:57 Not seeing people at all in 10 years.

40:20 Ryan Nagy studying with many of the students from Milton Erickson.

40:42 Being very specific and clear in the directions of movement leading to precise awareness.

42:12 Ryan Nagy shares a 10 min hypnotic pleasure experience


About Ryan Nagy

Moving Easier and Pain-Free is the goal.

And my Feldenkrais sessions are an awesome tool to help you to help you get out of chronic pain and strain.

I teach awareness. Feldenkrais-based movement sessions such as the ones I sell on store are designed to help you achieve specific goals such a getting rid of back pain, and tmj pain. And to help you breathe easier and better and to have more potent use of your body.

These are sensory-motor learning processes. And they help you organize your physical movement. I think of them as "movement through awareness" not "awareness through movement" as Feldenkrais called them.

I feel my phrasing is more grounded. You can radically improve your movement-ability by bringing awareness to your body movements and sensations and engaging in highly unique Feldenkrais movement sequences or "exercises" as some people like to call them. Feldenkrais can teach you how to move easier, freer, and without pain.

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