Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and Paul Pui Wo Lee Dancer and Feldenkrais Method Practitioner in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 39 Bringing Your Inner Queen To Light

#39 Feldenkrais: Bringing Your Inner Queen to Light — Paul Pui Wo Lee

Faking pleasure out of insecurity?

Learn to smile, accept and act flirtatiously with Feldenkrais® spiral power for bringing your Inner Queen to light.


What You´ll Learn With Paul Pui Wo Lee On The “Feldenkrais: Bringing Your Inner Queen to Light” Episode #39 Of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

00:14 Welcoming Paul Pui Wo Lee, Dance Artist and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner.

00:52 How Feldenkrais® saved Paul´s life after a herniated disc neck injury dancing at the Gothenburg Opera Company in Sweden.

02:55 How Paul went from feeling insecure in his abilities as a dancer and faking things because he didn´t really believe that he knew how to move, to getting out of depression, healing his neck by integrating his whole body in movement. Thanks to working with Malcom Annie that discovered Paul´s rib cage was locked up not moving to breathe as former teachers instructed him at the cost of causing him an incomplete self-image and then working with Thomas Kampe Feldenkrais Method® adored Practitioner that helped him complete his self-image.

07:00 How being disconnected from yourself as you train high performance can be slowly hurting you.

09:57 How the Feldenkrais Method® can enable you to do something very artistic and very sensual even if you´re in pain.

11:43 Why training hard without sensitivity can actually train you to inhibit parts of yourself.

12:15 Why “closing the ribs” is a harmful cue in yoga, pilates and dance as a perpetuated unexamined mindset of detaching the awareness of yourself and placing the authority of yourself on another person.

15:30 Paul´s definition of sensuality coming from watching the Chinese women around him growing up where he would say sensuality is very synonymus with flexibility. It´s smile first, then accept and then act.

17:01 How bad habits helped us somehow to be safe in the world by rigidifying so the answer is not just in relaxing and releasing but in understanding the elasticity of movement, according to Feldenkrais Method® Trainers Jeremy Kraus and Jeff Haller.

19:12 Why working with the Pelvic Floor awareness gives you a connection into the center of the Earth.

19:24 How keeping your ribs from straining trying to get air in by being gentle can change your whole stage of emotions.

19:51 Sensuality is flexibility. To smile first and always give a little bit of a spiral, not to be just face on with your stance but just to have a little smile, a little chuckle inside, be like “okay, that´s what you believe, let´s see if the opposite is also true”, so in having that you´re always in a place of power.

20:15 How in the martial arts it´s all about spiraling because you´re always ready to escape or to enter and attack. Which is present in the Feldenkrais Method®.

20:47 The spiraling wavy kind of approach that Paul has from his Chinese culture gave him this powerful quality of being like water and understanding sensuality as an ability to dance between apparent contradictory opposites.

21:34 What happens in the body when you wear a very tight corset but you actually enjoy it.

25:00 Centro De Poder is about the power of sensuality without necessarily coming in the form of hardness.

25:37 Power is a softness that is flexible, adaptable, ready to strike but very regenerative in it´s energy consuming. Which makes it possible to derive pleasure being confined in a corset and then adding that high heels. You know, the smile already helps you slip and slide bit away from that situation. It´s like Paul´s mom and the legions of Chinese women who inspire him would say “Okay, you put me into this position I´m allowing you and I´m gonna deal with it brilliantly, I´m not gonna let you make me suffer, I´m gonna turn this into pleasure” which is how he pretty much thinks about the Judo spirit and flexibility.

27:40 How the frame that Pilates apparatus give you can lead to freedom in areas through contention relate to the idea of Constraint in the Feldenkrais Method®.

28:54 Sensuality as being this animal staying lubricated in many different situations, it gets sexual but it´s sensual life force.

29:44 How to break patterns of anxiety by giving the benefit of the doubt.

31:01 Understanding la crème de la crème may be very artistic but is also human.

31:10 Chinese fairy floating on clouds to get a lightness in the movement of the feet, first pelvis and then letting the head of of trail so there´s something very seaweeding that it´s quit flirtatious.

38:00 Using Twyla Tharp´s leaning the head a lot and crisscrossing curves to have the angles and give something very visually effective on stage or portrait.

39:12 How to dance with limitations.

40:32 Feminine energy captures with it´s strength, in that way of being more wavy and yielding.

40:48 In regards to the person that is symmetrical in front of you it´s like “I just don´t buy it and I don´t want to be on that team”.

41:15 Sensuality talks about natural strength that comes from taking the space allowing this playfulness that is not pre-rehearsed but rather responds to the edge of the now. Like the strength of these Chinese women that are not faking strength nor have a pretense but are the real deal, they embody sensuality in their flesh.

45:14 Confidence of being number one VS animal confidence.

47:00 How to give your Nervous System the organization that craves.

47:48 Paul´s plans on teaching Feldenkrais Method® lessons at Ru Paul´s Drag Race and then let them go into their heels and make up with this concrete tools to fill their blind spots with possibilities to be even more fabulous embracing their artistic being.

50:06 Learn to touch yourself through questions like rather than through aggressive commands and impositions like in typical Ballet.

52:40 FREE Feldenkrais Movement® for bringing your Inner Queen to light experience with Paul Pui Wo Lee.




About Paul

Paul Pui Wo Lee is a Certified Feldenkrais practitioner and Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) practitioner and therapist based in Copenhagen. He trained at Canada’s National Ballet School and the Rotterdam Dance Academy and danced with IT Dansa and GöteborgsOperans Baletten.  As a freelancer, he had been collaborating mainly with Örjan Andersson and Kenneth Kvarnström.  Later, he became the rehearsal director/choreographic assistant at Of Curious Nature in Bremen. He has been teaching Feldenkrais at mostly dance institutions, such as Cullberg, Danish Dance Theatre, Theater Regensburg, Scenekunstskolen, Dansehallerne, the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as well as teaching regular online classes.

Paul is always excited to share Feldenkrais to help people uncover movement possible beyond their habits and be more flexible to be the artists of their health, stability, power, sensuality, and fun.  For dancers especially, Paul aims to equip them to pursue the art of "quality self-use" to express the fearless human potential that doesn't need to come at the cost of one's well-being.

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