Candia Raquel host of The Sensual Sessions Podcast and guest Michelle Boulé, renowned dancer, energy healer and coach in the cover of episode 86 How To Use Your Innate Wisdom To Move Sensually.

#86 How To Use Your Innate Wisdom To Move Sensually — Michelle Boulé

How To Use Your Innate Wisdom To Move Sensually

Shame is a pleasure killer because it inhibits sensual expression. Good news is that there´s a definite cure for it!

“Shame is eradicated by love.”

Says my guest Michelle Boulé, dancer, energy healer and coach. The thing that can keep us from connection is shame and guilt that are the lowest vibrational emotions. For which we´re deeply programed to the point that we don´t see it coming around the corner. If we really consider our subconscious mind being runinng the show, 95 to 99% of what we do along the day including scratching the neck is programmed by the subconscious.

You can tell when you´re connected to the source of love. But it´s easy to get derailed by habitual contrasts, so a way to make it a lasting state is to be able to feed the flame of the desire. You attune to it by sensing what pulls you versus what pushes you. Feeling pushed comes from fear and the belief that “I´m not enough” which comes from shame. While being pulled forward is how your innate wisdom feels like in action, and it does so by summoning your heart and soul. Like learning a new language or meeting with a special person. And this needs it´s container of time, space and practice.


Expect To Hear About:

- Michelle´s journey into somatics to dance after injuries.
- Devotion as a practice of welcoming delight.
- How the spiritual journey needs space for mystery.
- Balancing devotion with non-attachment.
- Using goals as receptacles for creation.
- Coaching overlap to find your own ability to connect to the inner knowing for choosing and pragmatic coaching to know what you want to do/ how much you want to charge/ on what part of the day you want to do so.
- Michelle´s work with internationally renowned choreographer Miguel Gutierrez.
- Loving yourself into your potential.
- Discovering blind spots at Michelle´s Brilliant Creatives Community.
- The mysterious sodium biochemical feats of the heart going through “micro deaths” though blood pumps.
- How to shift polarity from an alpha-business woman to a receptive romantic partner.
- How to embody consciousness.
- Mini exercise of moving with your innate wisdom.


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About Michelle Boulé

Hi! I’m Michelle, your Personal Transformation Partner. Welcome to a life-changing journey.
As an international award-winning professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher for 20+ years, I hit a lot of bumps in the road, but I constantly studied how to show up better.
At 19 years old, I became a dedicated student of somatic practices, healing, energy medicine, consciousness, and human psychology.
I discovered it was essential to tend to my mind, emotions, spirit, and body to be successful. My motto: “Learning to dance well is learning to live well.”
The bumps, injuries, and disappointments were the gifts that helped me learn even more about how to turn things around, find possibilities, and show up consistently, so I could keep dancing on stages around the world.
Helping other people with the tools and strategies I learned spoke to my inner teacher! I started teaching as a young teen and taught professionally in New York within a few months of moving there, eventually teaching in dozens of countries.


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