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#78 Healing Through Pleasure Being Highly Sensitive — Aoife McCormack

Why Being Highly Sensitive Is An Invitation For Healing Through Pleasure

Being highly sensitive includes being easily overwhelmed by average sounds, lights and fabrics. Also developing allergies to processed foods or ingredients such as gluten that a minuscule quantity can flare weeks of inflammation. Plus, living in a culture that values insensitivity adds feelings of shame and inadequacy which as a whole can lead to filing for disability and suicidal tendencies in extreme cases.

This is why the common mindset of toughening up is counterproductive. Instead being highly sensitive is an invitation to honor the gift of picking up at subtle cues, being profoundly resilient and the intrinsic understanding of timing, to use as a compass for navigating life in non-aggressive pleasurable ways and helping others do the same too.

If you´re ready to know how to open up to subtle cues that´ll lead you to living a pleasurable life, here´s Episode #78 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast “Healing Through Pleasure Being Highly Sensitive” with Mindbody Coach, Aoife McCormack.


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Aoife´s Interview With Dr Howard Schubiner Who´s Book Changed Her Life 


About Aoife McCormack

Aoife is a healer and mind body coach. For over two years she has been consistently helping highly sensitive women to heal and transform their chronic pain and illness, anxiety and depression so they can get their lives, relationships and joy back. The tools Aoife teaches come from her own direct experience of having healed herself from 30 years of incurable chronic pain and illness. The value for her clients is that she has walked in their shoes and understands burden of illness and all the dashed hopes and dreams of trying to heal through conventional and holistic methods only to find that nothing works. Aoife reaches you to heal yourself without diets, gimmicks or supplements and she believes in simple effective tools that empower you in all aspects of your life. I can teach women how to get lazer clear on the real root of their symptoms and make some mental shifts that will help them to reclaim their past, shift limiting beliefs and start to be able to build a future they thought they had lost.

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