Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist, Woman and Bruce Fertman Alexander Alliance Founder, Grace of Sense Creator, Movement Artist and Author, in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 69 Embracing Grace Of Sense.

#69 Embracing Grace Of Sense — Bruce Fertman

Why Embracing Grace Of Sense Is A Great Way To Recover Touch With The World

We´ve mostly lost the ability to experience ourselves and the world through sensations. Other than physical numbness there´s nothing else there as a thinking body. Only when pain hits hard leading us to the emergency room we get to feel something. Only when emotional pain is so unbearable that we feel sick we get to realize how burnout we roll.

Our hustle culture only focussed on material accomplishment is one of loosing touch with the world.

Stranged from our own wilderness, most of us don´t see things for what they are. We project the frame of our preconceptions onto everything and get back the reflection of our own paranoia.

Is as if we´ve become numb starving from fleshly delight, lost in endless trains of thought. But there´s a way back to here and now.


The Journey In Grace Of Sense

The gateway of awareness is sensitivity. This is the outmost foundation of brimming sensuality and sexuality.


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About Bruce Fertman

Bruce brings 60 years of study as a movement artist and educator to his work having trained in gymnastics, modern dance, ballet, contact improvisation, the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi Chu’an, Aikido, Chanoyu, (Japanese Tea Ceremony), Argentine Tango, and Kyudo (Zen Archery). For the past 30 years, Bruce has been helping people experience the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual life. He founded the Alexander Alliance in 1982 and Grace of Sense in 2019, his online community-school. Author of Teaching by Hand, Learning by Heart, and of The Way In ~ The Way Out, Bruce is currently co-authoring a book with Michael Gelb for New World Library entitled, Walk – How to Discover Comfort, Vitality, and Inspiration in Every Step.

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