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How To Give Voice To The Body Through Breathing Sounds


How I Could Finally Give Voice To My Body

One day I sneaked at the theater of a dance retreat at 5 am while everybody was sleeping at the dorms.

I walked in the dark empty space as silence amplified the sounds of my footsteps, then the sounds of my breathing. It was a nice surprise, oh this sounds come from me!

I let my emerging sounds take over in the form of complaints, laments, sighs and laughers in a kaleidoscopic menage of wholeness.


Let Your Movement Ride The Breath

Soon I was riding the breath through my movements in a completely irrational but refined way. Letting my burdens express through sounds and movement as much as my bliss.

After voicing what felt like a decade of silenced sounds, I could express what I was feeling right in the moment. Very interesting.


Explore The Voice Of Your Body

. Make some breathy sounds.

. Complain with GHHRR, sigh HAAA, delight MMMM.

. Don´t be shy. Really do the breathy sounds. Come on!

. Check what you´re needing right now.

. Do what feels relieving and deepening.

. Let the sense of your breath carry you.

. Just move.

Nice. Really nice. Thank you :)


There´s More To Thinking For Your Body

So, there´s more to thinking. Like the 50 gallons you filtered with your kidneys in the last 24hr—you did it without thinking. And still you have a sense of it, unless you´re in the hospital with renal insufficiency.


Give Voice To The Contradictions In Life

Well, theres a sense to giving voice to the unconscious in your body by opening the gateway to your sounds—all of them.

The pleasure, the pain, the complain, the relief.

Understanding that the experience of life is complex.

That breathing sounds day was a turning point because I understood I could carry with myself the injuries in me that will never heal (I think I told you I have a hanging piece of muscular steak loose from a vertebra and also a broken heart), along everything in me that is happily growing with the gifts that live brings to the moment in a dance of creation.


By giving voice to your body you´ll find both relief and passion, maybe even at the same time!


What´s Next?

Let yourself be all that emerges from your depths with the

NEW Ecstatic Breathing Practice to give voice to body.