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#11 Embodied Enlightenment — MA Karl Nhambu Bergh

What´s Embodied Enlightenment? 

Vajradharahood. Embraces of primordial unity of body and mind. Enlightenment is someone who has achieved and is a beholder of primal unity of body and mind. Primordial, transcendent and powerful not just the gross level of body and the gross level of mind.
But at the very heart of the human being is this sort of marriage, is this sort of unity of body and mind. Someone who has stabilized that is called enlightened.


Are Mind And Body Really Separated?

In the beginning mind and body are separate in buddhist studies but in the end they are not.
And we deal with different layers of body and different layers of mind through the training.
The body and mind are one thing they just have two faces.

Why Do We Suffer?

Most of the times it seems that the mind is not where the body is so people is suffering. The mind is far away and the body is somewhere else.

Bodywork In Buddism

We do different types of body work from breath work to postrations to more yogic typical asana to try to bring them at the same space and the same time.

What Could Be A Taste Of Enlightenment? 

We can taste enlightenment a little bit here and there. One of the feels is space.
You no longer on a crowded busy city. You´re more like on a beach. You clear a lot of junk inside from being divided and you become unified. And you clean up that space.
That space, that openness is our true nature. Lack of obstruction. Space as wisdom, but also compassion bliss.
That there is this relational quality to enlightenment. It is not merely that we disappear into space, that things get awesome and we don´t have to go to work.
What remains is the natural state of the mind. We go to external pilgrimage like the pyramids to inspire us, it opens our hears to go into the highest pilgrimage of the body.

Spirituality On Everyday Life

You can go to zocalo enlightened and it wont make any difference on the exterior because you conquered the inner traffic.
When Lord Buddha became enlightened he lived another 40 years walking around and doing things, he didn´t just disappeared.
Even in difficult places he was going he was still enlightened.
Candia Raquel comments: Joseph Pilates wrote two essays. Your Health and Return to Life Through Contrology. And his approach was a journey back to yourself, a journey back to your essence. And not through external attainment by adding more layers but by baring the layers imposed or shells used to defend yourself, to the very essence. I connect that feeling with openness which is a vulnerability but it can be a place of strength in the sense of being a place of real interaction with reality.

The Unity Of Body And Mind

Sometimes we think of it as a horse and the rider of a horse. There´s body and mind, horse and rider. On the day when you feel disjointed or discombobulated thinking I´ve fallen off the horse of the body mind connection. And do different exercises to bring yourself back.

A Quick Practice For You To Do Now

A basic mindfulness exercise is bringing back the attention to the feet. It depends on the psyche, if somebody is more manic or is more depressed. Contemplate the soles of the feel. You try to be inside that part of the body that you´re contemplating and not just from the head. The mind has sunk in inside the body. And you´re experiencing reality from there.

About Karl

Karl Nhambu Bergh is the Founder of the Continuity Institute. Has an MBA in Religious Studies from Naropa, Advanced Buddhist Studies with a focus on Tantra. And is a direct disciple of Yangsi Rimpoche and The Dalai Lama.
Reach Karl to learn more about buddhism, tantra and meditation:

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