Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Sensualist, Scientist, Artist and Eve Berkovich Business Coach and Mentor for life coaches in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 48 How To Feel Deserving Of A Pleasurable Career.

#48 How To Feel Deserving Of A Pleasurable Career — Eve Berkovich

Feel Not Deserving Of A Pleasurable Career?

Maybe you´ve received from your primary caregivers the idea that life is hard and that you must follow a set career to comply with what´s expected from you.

But it doesn´t have to be this way and it´s actually dangerous to go on run build a career on the ground an unexamined mindset. It´s not uncommon that Medical School students that are not really into it are at risk for suicide.

That´s why its important to reflect on what really gives you pleasure, put into a symbolic box all the stuff that´s limiting you and enter into the portal of limitless possibilities so you know you´re deserving of a career that brings you both money and pleasure. 

Eve Berkovich, Business Coach and Mentor for life coaches, will show you exactly how to do this on The Sensual Sessions podcast episode #48 How To Feel Deserving Of A Pleasurable Career.


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About Eve Berkovich

I’m Eve – Business Coach and Mentor for life coaches. I’m here to help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship with ease, power and so much fun!

You’ll quickly learn I’m not someone who believes there is one “right way” to do business. My coaching style meets you where you’re at to find the offer, strategy and selling style that fits YOU best.


Throughout my own journey, I’ve come across tons of advice on the “best” strategies to grow a life coaching business – and while some were great, most didn’t provide much, if any, support when it comes to how to actually implement it for yourself.

My signature offer, The Long Game, was designed not only to help you create an offer and strategy you love but to provide you with an extra level of support and accountability so you’re not left to implement all the things on your own.

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