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#12 Fascia Of The Core — MA Laurice Nemetz Founder Of Wellness Bridge

 The heart, the breathing, the pelvic floor... It´s all connected!

In this exclusive interview Laurice Nemetz shares with us about her views on movement through the scope of Fascia.
She got involved into fascia research through curiosity, thinking there most be more to explore about what she was seeing in the clients during Pilates and Yoga classes. She wanted to know a little more when found Tom Myers first edition of his ground breaking book Anatomy Trains.
"In dissection lab you see pieces connected. Where the legs meet the psoas. There´s so much continuity where one thing begins and other ends, there is no separation." 
- Lauri Nemetz
Miofascial movement research is great for understanding the connections within yourself and using them to sustain your living.
Do more with less effort!
Enjoy this unique 24 minutes video interview:

Some of the ideas we talked about are:
. Connection, relation between things and the perspective of wholism.
. Psychotherapy, on the edge of science studying the mind and the anatomy of the body.
. The body and movement work impact in the mind and experience.
. The bodily sense of space, closeness and distance.
. From body movement to Gothic architecture. Cultural relations to space.
. The Lateral line is very social.
. Hipermobility makes it possible to go very far and then going the distance can also mean being able to come back home and keeping that connection.
. The Deep line is very intimate. The heart has to do with the pelvic floor and the throat.
. Intimacy and vulnerability relate to the center of the body but also core strength, breathing and the survival response.
. There´s a new plastinated pericardial sac on top of the diaphragm. So continuous with the diaphragm. So lovely to find that happening in the body.
. To understand how that whole lines gets pulled in different ways.
And she shares with us a practical exercise at the end of the video to get in touch with the understanding of fascia through experience!
Miofascial movement research is great for understanding the connections within yourself and using them to sustain your living. Do more with less effort!

About Laurice Nemetz

Laurice (Lauri). D. Nemetz, MA, BD-DMT, EYT500, LCAT, CIAYT is an adjunct professor at Pace University having taught classes in yoga, myofascial anatomy and more at the Pleasantville NY campus since 2004 and is a 2020 Pace U. President’s Award recipient for Outstanding Contribution. In the summer of 2021, Lauri was awarded the position of Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, for Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL (2021-2022). She is also a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, a member of the American Association for Anatomy, a board-certified member of the Academy of Dance/Movement Therapists, a registered yoga teacher at the experienced 500-hour level, past President of the Yoga Teachers’ Association (YTA), a Stott Pilates instructor, a certified yoga therapist and an occasional kayak guide! Lauri graduated from Wellesley College (Art History and French), earned a Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy (Psychology) from Goucher College, with additional extensive postgraduate anatomy education.

Her yoga lineage includes Tao Porchon Lynch, Karin Stephan, Leslie Kaminoff, David Hollander, and Kim Schwartz among many more with who she is fortunate to have learned from. In therapeutic work, she aligns most closely with Rogerian and Jungian theories and this combined study has informed her work with a number of diverse populations including work with trauma survivors, autistic children, neonatal and general rehab populations. Her current private work combines work from her varied background and focuses on guiding individuals to reach their fullest potential physically and mentally.

Currently an independent anatomical dissector with several projects (more in the anatomy tab) including KNM dissections (with Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomy), Lauri is additionally a lead dissector with the international team of the Fascial Net Plastination Project. She regularly presents at conferences including the American Association for Anatomy, Experimental Biology, the Fascia Research Congress, the American Dance Therapy Association, and Movement: Brain, Body and Cognition Conferences (Oxford University; Harvard Medical), and loves teaching in yoga teacher training programs. Her workshops in both anatomy and movement have included locations in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Costa Rica, and across the U.S. She has a chapter on dance/movement therapy in the Creative Arts Therapies Manual (2006) and has published several articles including in the International Journal of Arts Medicine and upcoming in The Anatomical Record.

Her book, The Myofascial System in Form and Movement (2022) is being published by Handspring Publishing, a respected imprint in bodywork, anatomy and movement. She is particularly passionate about studies of environmental space, art and science communication. She considers herself an explorer looking to connect people through meaningful movement conversation to their own bodies and each other.

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