Candia Raquel Founder of Centro De Poder Postural Presence Expert and William Hedberg Shentao Founder and Gyrotonic Teacher in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions 33 Contextually Appropriate Intimacy

#33 Contextually Appropriate Intimacy — William Hedberg


Terrified of love but crave intimacy?

The key is to be contextually appropriate from sexuality to spirituality to be intimate everything.



What You´ll Learn In The Episode Of Contextually Appropriate Intimacy

0:30 William Hedberg´s inventions as a container in a muscular level to go into a relationship with yourself where you can be quiet using movement to understand whatever is coming up in you mentally, creatively, emotionally, centrally as a human being.
01:43 Tell the world how to be but don´t like to be told how to be?
02:01 A good connection with self love.
02:55 Why is it helpful working out with your thinking mind and your animal mind.
04:32 What intimacy with a partner is about.
04:44 What´s spiritual intimacy.
05:45 How to practice intimacy with your pets.
07:07 How to use your senses for intimacy.
07:22 A case of intimacy for hip replacement recovery.
08:15 Depths of intimacy with your partner in contact improvisation.
08:45 How to create intimate sexuality with your lover.
09:33 How being contextually appropriate is the key for being intimate with everything.
10:16 The only hope you have in the face of loss, grief and heartbreak.
13:21 Why intimacy is terrifying and what can you do about that.
14:17 Learn the technique of proper naming to overcome the pain of being shut down.
19:18 How Contextually Appropriate Intimacy can help unburden your partner from your needs.
21:49 Understanding there´s no escape from feeling how you feel which is actually the greatest gift.


About William Hedberg

During his career as a contemporary dancer, Bill performed nationally and internationally with a number of companies, including Elise Monte/David Brown, the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, Douglas Dunn and Dancers, and the Tunisian National Ballet.

Bill’s career as a movement educator began with teaching Pilates in 1984 at the California Institute for the Arts. He was the senior staff instructor at the original White Cloud Studio from 1987-1999, training extensively with Gyrotonic® founder, Juliu Horvath. Bill has taught contemporary modern dance nationally and internationally, since 1989.

In addition to a BFA from California Institute of the Arts, Bill holds degrees and/or certifications in the disciplines of:

Anatomy and Kinesiology, Laban Movement Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian, Hypnosis, Myofascial Restructuring, Deep Tissue Bodywork.

Learn more from William at:


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