Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist, Woman and Peter Appel Founder of Movingness, Yoga Teacher, Dance Facilitator and Writer in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 62 Engage Your Body´s Pleasure Through Movingness.

#62 Engage Your Body´s Pleasure Through Movingness — Peter Appel

How Movingness can show you how to engage your body´s pleasure

20 yr ago the body was not recognized in psychology. It´s part of our cultural bias to shut down our biological self to the point of sensory deprivation.

But you know theres something more because when you go to nature everything is in your senses, the wind, the smells, the way you stand your feet on the ground.

In movingness you first come back to feeling your body, getting in physical touch with your biological nature.


Shifting your perception through Movingess to feel your body and the body of the other

We often run in the auto-pilot of our predictive brain projecting your ideas of the world onto the world but in Movingness you begin to shift to the state of the receptive brain, the meditative brain.

You don´t need to rush things. You can slowly build confidence in the feeling of yourself, you can just enjoy doing small steps so you can have success every week.

The basis of Movingness is being on the receptive brain where the world is coming to you, you become receptive, you can feel, you can look, you can experience. This is the state we need to be when we´re feeling the body and when we´re feeling someone else´s body.

The interesting thing here is that when you start feeling your own body it´s also easier to start feeling other people´s bodies or nature, so you have this connection here that you really feel that you´re not separated that you´re not alone, that you´re connected with the rest of the world.

If you´re ready to drop this state that we know everything about the world, that we are in control and just fleshly enjoy what´s coming, here´s The Sensual Sessions episode #62 to Engage Your Body´s Pleasure Through Movingness, with Yoga Teacher, Dance Facilitator, Writer and Founder of Movingness, Peter Appel.


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About Peter Appel and Movingness

PETER APPEL, Finland, is a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, meditator, mental trainer, and writer. He is also the founder of MOVINGNESS – a new way of connecting with the feeling body. As Peter says: “When we let our feelings guide our movements, we can enter a state that is highly receptive, creative, and open. We can experience joy, satisfaction and connection with ourselves and others.”

MOVINGNESS, is a new movement method for body and mind integration. The first series in Movingness creates a deep connection with the body. Later series are focused on natural movements. All series are practiced slowly in a state of deep relaxation, which makes it possible to feel the body from within (interoception). The movements are both calming and stimulating for the nervous system. This often leads to an experience of relaxation in the body and clarity in the mind. The softness and gradual learning curve make Movingness very flexible. It can be adapted to people of all ages in a wide variety of physical conditions. You can practice Movingness to increase your wellbeing, improve your body awareness, refine your movement patterns, or as a moving meditation. Or just for the pleasure!

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