Candia Raquel Garibay Camarena Founder of Centro De Poder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist, Woman and Daniel Schmidt, Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, Professional Bodyworker and Musical Performer in the Cover of The Sensual Sessions Episode 64 Putting The Body Into Pleasure So It Makes Sense.

#64 Putting The Body Into Pleasure So It Makes Sense — Daniel Schmidt

 Why putting the body back into pleasure

Many difficult experiences are carried unconsciously until theres a trigger that brings them to the present moment, like a caress that reminds you of an unwanted touch from someone.

This is why it´s important to tend to ourselves in a protective and loving way so it´s possible to put the body back into pleasure through gentle movements. This is how we can come to fully welcome the bliss in the now.


Men relating through violence

Though there are valuable exceptions, theres a dominating cultural conversation of violence and domination in the male to male interaction. Male to female interaction is much worse.

Men are supposed to take the lead, have all the ideas, speak all the words, carry the weight of everything. This is not respectful. There´s no way to feel safe nor at ease.

Daniel Schmidt says that even being a “Big Northern Euro Male”, bigger and stronger than the average males, there has been this constant undertone of relating through violence.

He didn´t like that. On his early years he decided to withdraw which led other people closer because they didn´t perceive it as a boundary but as an invitation where everything was allowed because he was quiet, until the point of nothing was allowed.


When boundaries are bypassed

Candia Raquel shares on how a couple family members scaled their aggression after she placed boundaries, as if it was a competition. They didn´t respect the fact that no means no. Until she placed the threat of placing a lawsuit to put them in jail for harrasement.

The difficulty of placing boundaries is that you have to be willing to form and defend your opinion until the end.

This is why, often times women, and men to give away much of our space to avoid conflict. The risk is it can affect us in the way we move. We retreat to our safe space and it becomes smaller.


How the body stores trauma

Having boundaries bypassed leads to giving away vital space and retreating in the corner of safety. Even after many years the body stores trauma in different ways. A simple touch to vulnerable areas like the face of belly can trigger terror and then rage as defense mechanism. The nervous system also stores trauma in systemic ways such that certain movements become triggers. Like a discontinuous movement with speed though for others a soft continuous movement that has a sequence can be a trigger such as a caressing touch to the cheek if it relates to the tone of an experience of abuse.


Going through fire

There are micro-adjustments available to us even in desperate situations. Different ways of going through the way of no return. A minimal shift in the ribs, a softening in the jaw, a focus in the eyes.

You find the answers through the flesh and then comes the mental realization of what you´re doing.

Precise sensibility in the body is like an epicenter. You move something a little then the whole body moves, the awareness and the situation itself it´s transformed.

Discover how to go through fire by Putting The Body Into Pleasure So It Makes Sense with Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, Professional Bodyworker and Music Performer, Daniel Schmidt.


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About Daniel Schmidt

I have been a professional full-time bodyworker in private practice since 1991. I am very fortunate to totally love my work. I have always been fascinated by how bodies move and feel. Investigating how different people come to move the way they do has given me a rare, rich and useful perspective. Before becoming a bodyworker I worked in construction and performed music.

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