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#36 Age Like A Sensual Badass — Tamela Hart

Wanna be 20 again? Afraid of getting old? STOP right there!

See there´s a delight to maturity. Age like a sensual badass with energy, vitality, freedom and being more of who you truly are!


What You´ll Learn On "Age Like A Sensual Badass" Episode #36 of The Sensual Sessions Podcast

00:15 Tamela Hart´s fantastic Vlog on being pro-age

01:37 Tamela´s background as a kinesthetic woman that loves touching things, fabrics, smells and tastes. Always overly energetic, stimulated and excited about things. Having so much energy about what opened up through her senses. But who´s nature was not fondly looked upon by her parents.

02:33 On being impatient homeschooling kids

02:51 What happens when you are judged for wearing your heart on the sleeve

02:56 How mindfulness can help you out from shrinking yourself from toxic beliefs around aging

03:17 What to do if you´re struggling to feel alive after you´re being squashed down in yourself

03:59 How sensual pleasure has been corroded in our society and how you can bring it back

04:25 How to get rid of societal impositions on age, weight and body shape

06:48 How to break free from the societal cage of ageism and become pro-age

07:09 Why the need of women of all ages to be a certain way to be accepted can worsen as we age

07:53 Question what the patriarchy told you to be true

08:07 Why women over 50 years old start to feel invisible and not attractive in society

08:30 Making a difference on what you believe and what society wants you to believe

08:42 This is how to get up and show up as you age as you are today

09:04 Representing your age by being pro-age

09:11 Accepting aging signs as wrinkly skin, gray hairs and bodily changes after menopause

09:41 Fighting your age? It´s not about being 20 again but to feel good in your body to freely move how you want.

10:11 Age the way you wanna age. With vitality and energy and more of who you are.

12:01 How charisma seductiveness refines with age.

13:54 Being pro-age is being authentically pro-yourself.

14:17 Tamela´s free practice to age like a sensual badass.




About Tamela Hart 

I am 58 and loving it! As a matter of fact, I am more confident in my life now than I have ever been. When I was facing with my 50th birthday, it was a different story. I was leaving my long term relationship and suddenly I had to fend for myself. To say that I was scared would be an understatement - I was terrified. The words going through my head were: Am I loveable? How am I going to support myself and my kids? Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life? And - I don’t want to get old. But I discovered how resilient I was. I hustled for work, set up a new home, sought out a good therapist and spent many a night crying in my bathtub, purging myself of all the self-defeating thoughts. My self- worth was in the tank! I had no idea how low I’d become because my life was so chaotic it didn’t leave anytime for self-reflection. And truthfully, it would have been too painful and embarrassing to go there.

Fast forward from Hundreds of hours of meditation, talks with women friends, a 10 day meditation retreat, a bodybuilding competition, and piles of writing, all which inched me closer to being ok.

I addressed my mindset. Confronting my outdated beliefs and figuring out my core values were the beginning. They led me to 3 base practices that I do every day to keep me aligned with my values and to stay clear on what I want.

I want to show you that this is possible for you to. It is time to become completely comfortable with being yourself. You can do more than accept aging - you can come more alive.

x Tamela

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