Pleasure Connection 1:1 Mentoring 

Postural Presence® exclusive service with Candia Raquel to give yourself permission to delight.

Disconnected from fleshly delight? 

Get exclusively mentored by Candia Raquel for 6-months to connect back to pleasure and become your own paradise!

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"Candia Raquel is committed to supporting you to discover your own power."

To ALL the people interested in taking Centro De Poder´s classes I would tell them that Candia Raquel has the credentials, knowledge and experience to help you in your own evolution.

Ms Candia Raquel is committed to supporting you to get to know yourself through Postural Presence Sensuality and to discover your own power.

Three words that describe how I felt after taking Candia Raquel´s classes:

Happy, connected and safe!


Loly Gentry

Pre-K Teacher and Samba Dancer 

Go from being an insensitive desert to becoming a sensual paradise!


Is this your North Star? 

  • You want pleasure to be your North Star.
  • You want pleasure to also be moment by moment fuel in your journey.
  • You want to give yourself permission to delight in sensual pleasure.
  • You want to enjoy yourself regardless of your weight, age or shape.
  • You want to become aware of the sensual pleasure in your flesh.
  • You want to go from Collapse to Posture.
  • You want to go from Distraction to Presence.
  • You want to go from Inhibition to Pleasure.
  • You want to go from Stress/Tension to Relaxation.
  • You want to go from Comparison to Inspiration.
  • You want to go from Shame to Confidence.
  • You want to take back your CENTER OF POWER.
  • You want to become the authority stating what you like and don´t like.
  • You want to take responsibility on your desire and own your pleasure.
  • You want to go from being an insensitive desert to becoming your own sensual paradise.

Is this you? 

  • Kinda curious.
  • Want space for myself.
  • Sick of being told I´m not enough.
  • How would I even express pleasure.
  • Wanna get out of the closet and be wildly sensual.
  • Need a simple roadmap to my-sensual-self.
  • Dipping a toe! Have I got what it takes?
  • Never enjoy. Always feeling guilty. Need to be held accountable for pleasure!
  • Don´t know where to begin.
  • Am I even deserving?
  • Is it cool to want to be sensual?
  • How the F am I gonna relax to receive pleasure?
  • Got a hot body. Never felt hot.
  • Too. Many. Insecurities.
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"I´ve learned to love myself because I increased the trust in myself."


 I began to know my body and it´s power through Postural Presence® classes with teacher Candia Raquel.

My posture changed along the vision of how I present to my own life and the position I take towards people.

I took back my center. 
My center is now present whether sitting, standing or laying.
I´ve learned to love myself because I increased the trust in myself.

Thanks Postural Presence ♥️
Thank you Candia Raquel 🙏🏼


M.S. Lorena Espinosa

Director of Climate Change and System Management at the National Chemical Industry Association

What you´ll get in Pleasure Connection 1:1 Mentoring 



You´ll practice taking responsibility on your desire and giving yourself permission to delight in pleasure by keeping yourself accountable reporting to Candia Raquel on a weekly email about:

  1. What you did for your pleasure this week?
  2. What you´ll do for your pleasure next week?
  3. Further insights, questions or comments.


You´ll get 1:1 mentored by Candia Raquel on a weekly 50 min Zoom call applying Postural Presence® to develop Sensual Pleasure Awareness. 

After completing your application you´ll get a link to choose the schedule you´ll commit to for 6 months of Pleasure Connection 1:1 Mentoring.

This is how you´ll make the time for your pleasure. This is how you´ll take time for YOU.


Pleasure shouldn´t be something you aspire to deserve after you finish the project, change your body shape, get the soulmate or everyone is less demanding of your care giving.

Here you´ll learn how to carry yourself with Postural Presense® on your daily life to be less numb and get more sensitive to pleasure.

You´ll become your own paradise by making sensual pleasure the essence of your lifestyle.


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Who´s Candia Raquel  


(It´s me! Writing in 3rd person not to sound all conceited)

She´s been called "The Best" by MD Omar Rueda, Spinal Surgeon and President of the Fund for Research in Endoscopic Surgery.

Entered the doors of ballet at 3 years old and started giving classes in the year 2000. Then taught teachers how to teach Pilates as the first education provider in the country from the method´s international institution, PMA. And held the single national license as authorized host site from the biggest company worldwide, Balanced Body. Taught Secretaries of State Postural Presence® at the Federal Power of Justice in the Government. 

Candia Raquel a scientist, artist, Postural Presence expert and founder of Centro De Poder. Dedicated to help you awaken the pleasure in your body through Postural Presence® and become Sensually Confident to express all your splendor!


WATCH Candia Raquel´s interview on the

3 keys to unlock sensuality:

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"Candia Raquel is the renewer of Sensuality.
She has turned Sensuality into a field of study and creation to expand the horizons of corporal frontiers." 


Lola Lince

Director of the Experimental Dance Company Lola Lince
"Candia Raquel is one of those rare specimens that truly understands organic movement, body biomechanics, the psyche of the person and the specific needs of the student on her charge" 


Josafath Herrera

"Candia Raquel is the indicated.
This is a complex case and if she can´t help the patient´s posture then no one else can.
She´s the best." 


MD Omar Rueda 

Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in spine surgery. Resident of the Hospital Ángeles. President of the Fund for Research in Endoscopic Surgery.

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"I´ve been taking classes with Candia Raquel since 2008."


The body into perfect order and into such harmony with itself and its environment as to express the mastery of spirit over the flesh. Fine manners, therefore, mean power in repose.
-  Inazo Nitobe

I was looking for strength, fitness and aesthetics. And I found them through harmony in my body and movements as described by Nitobe. I´ve been taking classes with Candia Raquel since 2008.

José María San Juan

Chief Intelligence Officer
Mexico´s Development Bank BANCOMEXT
and National Financial NAFIN 


What do you say, you, me, 6 months?

I have been practicing Postural Presence for more than 4 years.

Never in my whole life I had the body awareness that I have today.

Thanks to Candia´s classes I´ve achieved a better posture.

Thank you Candia!


Gabriela Diaque

Film Costume Designer

I felt professionally supported by Candia Raquel because she shows a genuine interest on helping us in class and a highly appreciate this fact.

If you´re interested on learning with Candia Raquel I tell you that in every class I discover ways to improve my posture and therefore my self esteem. It´ll always be the right decision to come to her classes.

With Postural Presence Sensuality Classes I´ve felt:

Rejuvenation, discovery and relaxation!


Thelma Rodriguez

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The classes with Candia changed my understanding of movement and anatomy.

She has a special quality to explain in a way that you understand and interiorize that learning.


Yuridia Pérez

Certified Pilates Teacher
Oná Pilates Studio Owner 
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Swift and well I´ve learned with Candia Raquel´s Postural Presence.

Each miniscule part of me responds with calm and strength.

The weak parts in me have strenghtened leaving space to the strong parts.

I´ve given equality to all my organism.

I enjoy a lot my exercise experience with her company.


Olga Diaque

Main character of every book red in tender age and extremely satisfied with life and complete woman

Every class brings me clarity, understanding, serenity and connection to my body.

I have been studying Postural Presence with Candia for years.

If you come to her teachings you´ll find that this may be the first time you get to know your pelvis and how you move it all day long.

This is a basic knowledge.


Eugenia Correa, PhD

Financialization and Fiscal Policy Specialist
Economics Postgraduate Faculty, UNAM

Taking clases with you is one of the best investments I´ve done in my personal growth.

Thank you for your teachings!

I keep on practicing Postural Presence and you make me pay atention in many details of my daily routine.


Itzel Aldana

Owner of Staff M Beauty Salon
Enough with the testimonials, I´m in!

"I´ll tell you my age just so you know the benefits of taking care of yourself...

I´m more than 52 years old!" 

I´m a painter and I´ll tell you my age just so you know the benefits of taking care of your health and staying in shape.

I´m more than 52 years old and I´ve been taking classes with Candia Raquel for years. I have a diagnosed problem in the 5th, 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae.

And Postural Presence, besides keeping me in good shape, has helped me to have a correct body posture or vertebral column hygene. I tell you, this is a highly recommended activity to have a good silhouette and good health.

Rocío Caballero



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