Sensually disconnected?

Work with Candia Raquel to awaken the pleasure in your flesh by moving with Postural Presence®! 

The Sensual Transformation You´ll Get:

  • You´ll go from Collapse to Posture
  • You´ll go from Distraction to Presence
  • You´ll go from Inhibition to Pleasure
  • You´ll go from Stress/Tension to Relaxation
  • You´ll go from Comparison to Inspiration
  • You´ll go from Shame to Autenticity

I began to know my body and it´s power through Postural Presence classes with teacher Candia Raquel.

My posture changed along the vision of how I present to my own life and the position I take towards people.

I took back my center. 

My center is now present whether sitting, standing or laying.

I´ve learned to love myself because I increased the trust in myself.

Thanks Postural Presence ♥️

Thank you Candia Raquel πŸ™πŸΌ


Lorena Espinosa

Director of Climate Change and System Management af the National Chemical Industry Association

The body into perfect order and into such harmony with itself and its environment as to express the mastery of spirit over the flesh.

Fine manners, therefore, mean power in repose.

-  Inazo Nitobe

I was looking for strength, fitness
and aesthetics.

And I found them through harmony
in my body and movements
as described by Nitobe.

I´ve been taking classes with
Candia Raquel since 2008.


José María San Juan

Chief Intelligence Officer
Mexico´s Development Bank BANCOMEXT
and National Financial NAFIN

Book 1:1 Mentoring to take back your center of power!





  • Custom made program with Postural Presence@ tools for a lifetime to tap into Sensual Confidence and Pleasure Amplification!
  • 4 Sensual Confidence thgrouh Postural Presence® Mentoring 50 min Zoom calls a month with Candia Raquel.
  • Recording of each session uploaded at your library at Centro De Poder for you to practice every day of the week until the next session.
  • Custom-made Postural Presence® program designed to fit your physical needs and lifestyle to make your sensual dreams come true.
  • Post-surgical articular replacement movement training, post-rehab and special conditions movement design in collaboration with your health care professionals.
  • Attention to Scoliosis, Swayback, Flatback, Kyphosis and Hiperlordosis postural problems.
  • Relaxation and restorative sleep wellness.  
  • Deep Core and Pelvic Floor intimacy muscles activation.
  • The lighting bolt of wakefulness to take back your sensual Center of Power, express your full splendor through Postural Presence®.
  • 3 - month commitment minimum
  • REQUIREMENT: Take a single session before.




Ready To Connect With Your Sensuality?

This is an intensive 50 min CONNECTION Mentoring Session with Candia Raquel to connect with your body sensually through Postural Presence®.


What You´ll Get

  • 1:1 CONNECTION Mentoring 50 min Session with Candia Raquel via Zoom.
  • Understanding of the habits that are holding you back from welcoming the pleasure in your body and learning the single most important Postural Presence® tool to connect with your body sensually.
  • Downloadable recording with the Postural Presence® tool custom-made for you to follow for the next 3-6 months.


What´s Next

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  3. CONNECT. You´ll receive an email with the Zoom´s link. When the time comes click to connect!


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  • Exclusive Conference with Candia Raquel.
  • 1 hr Auditorium Power Confidence  through Postural Presence® experience in person (additional travel expenses required) or online via Zoom.
  • Downloadable recording included.
  • Learn Postural Presence® tools for optimal spinal alignment, workspace easy ergonomics, personal space boundary setting and intuitive work environment regulation.
  • Ideal for corporate power-players and governmental entities high-executives.
  • Single payment.
  • Refine leadership through force-of-nature powerful presence.

To ALL the people interested in taking Centro De Poder´s classes I would tell them that Candia Raquel has the credentials, knowledge and experience to help you in your own evolution.

Ms Candia is committed to supporting you to get to know yourself through Postural Presence Sensuality and to discover your own power.

Three words that describe how I felt after taking Candia Raquel´s classes:

Happy, connected and safe!


Loly Gentry

Pre-K Teacher and Samba Dancer 

Pleasure is power!