Shhh! 🤫 Grow glutes with no gym 🍑

Gluteal Awakening 

Postural Presence® Course that makes daily movements automatically tone (and grow sexy hot) Glutes!

Sitting too much flattened your butt? 

Here´s the course to grow glutes the natural way! 

Sitting too much flattened your butt? 

Here´s the course to grow glutes the natural way! 


Here´s what you´ll get in the Gluteal Awakening Course 

Whether you´re a weekend warrior getting back in shape after childbirth, a Pilates/ Yoga/ Crossfit instructor with dead butt syndrome or a workaholic that has never exercised and is just starting out, the Gluteal Awakening Course can help you get a hot booty. This +2h Online Course provides the training to tone (and grow sexy hot) glutes just like nature meant—by getting up from the chair, standing and walking!



Certainty that you´re activating the right Gluteal Muscles in the right way.



Practical knowledge on Gluteal Anatomy, Awareness, Exercise and Lifestyle.



The best Gluteal Shape in your DNA by using them in your everyday life.



"What if you were just one movement away from feeling your glutes on fire and having great posture?" 


"A very pleasing experience to re-discover and feel the glutes. To give them the postural relevance they have and be able to appreciate the glutes with proper muscular tone 😁🍑 Candia Raquel makes you enjoy each part of this Gluteal Awakening Course with lots of clarity and making sure the glutes feel on fire 🔥😂"


Izchel Yañez  

Pilates Instructor


She´s a pro-level Pilates Instructor that re-discovered how to feel her glutes with proper muscular tone!


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❌ ...FRUSTRATION after endless repetitions of mindless exercises lifting weights with lots of sweat but no gluteal results.

❌ ...TRAPPED in hamstring stiffness for not being able to reach your toes out compensating the lack of glutes.

❌ ...PAIN in the knees, low back, sciatica and piriformis due to gluteal weakness.

❌ ...APOLOGETIC from exhibiting a collapsed posture with no gluteal support whatsoever.

❌ ...FUNNY walking like "Goofy" out of poor movement patters.

❌ ...FLAT butt like a surfboard.

❌ ...STRANGE standing up like "mandril" sticking the butt out. 

❌ ...INSECURE in your tight-at-the-waist but loose-at-the-butt jeans.

❌ ...HOPELESS thinking your body is just glute-less.

❌ ...SHAME from being in the heat but not having the gluteal potency to thrust your hips all the way on intimacy.



✅ ...EASE feeling your glutes working out like nature meant as you go through your day getting up from a chair, standing up and walking. 

✅ ...FLEXIBLE hamstrings that let you easily reaching your toes.

✅ ...RELIEF from chronic pain in the knees and low back.

✅ ...PRESENCE having a head-turning posture supported from your glutes.

✅ ...CLEAR knowing you´re contracting the right gluteals the right way.

✅ ...FREE to move your body sustained from the glutes without parasitic tensions.

✅ ...SENSUAL standing up with engaged glutes.

✅ ...CONFIDENT on your gluteal shape with or without clothes.

✅ ...WILD walking style like a panther right from contracting of your glutes at every step.

✅ ...POWERFUL hip thrust on intimacy. 




"I learned to consciously activate the Gluteus Maximus 🍑🔥"



"Hello Candia Raquel, I thank you a thousand times for creating the Gluteal Awakening Course, I’m charmed to be part of this. I learned to consciously activate the Gluteus Maximus muscle. And to all the women interested in this, I'd tell them not to hesitate on taking this course because they'll have the experience of connecting with the muscle that should work with the guidance of Candia Raquel and that on the next day they'll still feel all the right effort the muscle made. The highlights that describe this course are: Results, Satisfaction and Motivation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in this subject. I recommend you and I´ll take all the courses you make."


Thelma Rodriguez 

Housewife and Data Analyst


The Gluteal Awakening Course

You´ll unlock the secret to grow glutes in a natural way by using them correctly every time you get up from a chair, stand and walk—just like nature meant!


Here´s what´s inside: 

🍑 Easy DIY Gluteal Anatomy class

🍑 Science-proven micro movement class to correctly activate the Glutes

🍑 The only booty-on-fire class you´ll ever need

🍑 3 classes with the secret to grow glutes just like nature meant by getting up from a chair, standing and walking!



🍑 Lifetime access

🍑 Mobile and tablet friendly

🍑 Work at your own pace

🍑 A no-matter your weight, age and body shape loving environment



Gluteal Anatomy 

Learn GLUTEAL ANATOMY with a Postural Presence® DIY class mapping your butt´s muscular fivers using masking tape and a clarity class to tell between the right and wrong gluteal contraction.


Gluteal Activation 

Accomplish GLUTEAL ACTIVATION with Postural Presence® scientifically-proven micro-movements that connect the nervous system to the glutes. You won´t learn this anywhere else!


Mat Exercises 

Target the correct Gluteal Muscles here doing the only Postural Presence® MAT EXERCISES you´ll ever need to tone, grow and get your butt on fire!


Lifestyle Exercises

Grow glutes the way nature meant making every time you get up from a chair, stand and walk count as Postural Presence® LIFESTYLE EXERCISES.




"The “Gluteal Awakening” Course and it’s content surprised me immensely despite I’ve been practicing and educating myself as a student/teacher."



"I took the “Gluteal Awakening” Course and it’s content surprised me immensely despite I’ve been practicing and educating myself as a student/teacher. The basic principles is where you learn the most and from where you can share your best. Candia Raquel´s teaching have been very useful and I’ve been able to integrate it to my own practice and with my clients. Thank you Centro De Poder and Candia Raquel for such a nourishing experience."


Eva Ullman 

Pilates Studio Owner

Is this you?

You´ve sweated your ass off in Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit getting no sight of a good ass whatsoever. Hard work is not correctly working the glutes.

✅ Every time you try to contract the glutes you end up tensing the shoulders. Feels like your brain is wired to the wrong muscles.

✅ You´re lazy but want a non-surgical smart way to grow the glutes.

Sitting too much flattened your butt and you don´t have time for strenuous workouts.

You suffer from low back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome or knee pain out of gluteal amnesia. 

✅ You just want to grow glutes automatically as you walk on the mall. 

The Gluteal Awakening Course is the scientifically proven approach to grow glutes in a natural way as you through your day correctly using the gluteal muscles to get up from a chair, stand and walk.


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"I became aware of my need to strengthen the Glute on one side thanks to the Gluteal Awakening Course"



"When I work on equilibrium, my left leg is going to step first unconsciously because the leg on that side is stronger while the Glute is weaker. So when I bend the knee I'm very careful to extend it back with the Glute instead of the quadriceps. I became aware of my need to strengthen the Glute on this side thanks to the Gluteal Awakening Course at Centro De Poder with Candia Raquel."


Maggie Briseño 

Surfer. Pilates Instructor.

Great, but how´s the Gluteal Awakening Course different from other programs out there?


Anatomical pleasure first 

✖️ Other programs are "no pain no gain". Demanding you to "train hard" without first teaching how to activate the correct gluteal muscles. This leads to frustration and injuries.

✔️ Gluteal Awakening is a "pleasure first" approach. You´ll first learn to activate the correct gluteal anatomy in a pleasurable way so you actually feel like doing more of it.


Body-shape, weight and age inclusive 

✖️ Other programs are vain and judgemental. Focusing on how you look despite of how you feel. They try to manufacture a body to fit into a generic box. 

✔️ Gluteal Awakening celebrates the uniqueness of your body-shape, weight and age. You´ll grow the best glutes in your DNA by using them in a natural way.


Lifestyle application 

✖️ Other programs yell at you in such a way that you only want the class to end and forget about your body. Then you end up thinking your body is just a vehicle that should obey.

✔️ Gluteal Awakening teaches you to lovingly feel your glutes so you keep this intimate connection with yourself along your everyday life because you are your body. 


The GLUTEAL AWAKENING COURSE works. Here´s proof! 

13 years running the Gluteal Awakening Course.

This was a Pilates instructor-only training to teach their private clients how to awaken and grow glutes with the same Mat and Lifestyle secret exercises included here, now for the first time ever available online for you.

Here´s what everyone´s saying!



"All of this and more is possible with the Gluteal Awakening Course. It´s time to wake up the glutes in order to grow them as you get up from chairs, stand and walk on a daily basis"


Oh yeah! I want to automatically grow glutes!

Sitting is the smoking of our generation—don´t let it flatten your butt!


Instead, imagine if you could automatically grow glutes with no gym—just by correctly using the glutes to get up from the chair?

Imagine if...

🪑 Getting up from bed, getting out of your car, getting up from your desk chair and getting up from your dinning table counted as a booty boosting sit up?

 ☕️ Standing in like waiting for your coffee at Starbucks, standing in line to onboard your plane, standing at the bank as you get your fat cash or simply standing in front of the mirror flossing your teeth counted as gluteal standing plank? 

🛒 Walking at Walmart pushing your cart, walking the dog in the park, walking from the sofa to the kitchen counted as an ass-lifting back kick?


Meet Your Teacher



I´m Candia Raquel. 

A mexican scientist, artist, master teacher trainer, body mind movement technologies expert and founder of Centro De Poder. 

In 2008 accredited with 724 points the Certification exam of the Pilates Method Alliance PMA, the highest score ranking by the time.

Centro De Poder was the first Education Provider of the PMA and the only Licensed Teacher Training from Balanced Body in México. Respectively leading nationally as representative of the greatest Institution and biggest Company in the world. And provided the Postural Wellness Program for the CJF PJF of Mexican Government. 

For her, the corporal techonogies mean the dynamic merging of art and science.

Dedicated to help workaholics to feel sensually confident by  moving with the Postural Presence® approach that defines the glutes like nature meant!

Are you ready to automatically grow glutes as you go moving on your everyday life?

I´m ready!

What they´re saying


"I like everything that you present. You're a professional. Congratulations."


Tere Velázquez




"Just came back from the supermarket. I was thinking: Ahhh when I push the cart, if I do it from the gluteus of the leg behind on the step the effort is clear, the gluteal activation fires up to 40%."


Analía Sintado 

Aerial Acrobat. Pilates Instructor. Yoga Instructor.



"I´m Tatiana Giraldo, I practice and teach Pilates with immense passion in Perugia, a city in central Italy. I loved to take the Gluteal Awakening Course. I got new insights and strengthened known gluteal activations. This week I´m noticing a renewed tone in my glutes as I activate them with more awareness. THANKS A LOT ♥️🔥 I super recommend this course to people interested in completely connecting with their butt 💥. In 3 words I described this experience as: USEFUL, EFFICIENT and PLEASURABLE 🔥🥰. Big hug Candia, Thanks a lot ❗️🙏🏻"


Tatiana Giraldo 

Pilates Instructor. Yoga Instructor.



"I'm motivated to keep shaping my bun 🤗 "


Itandehui Juárez 

Bakery Owner



Gluteal Awakening Course



  • (Value $365).....Gluteal Anatomy
  • (Value $444).....Gluteal Activation
  • (Value $365).....Mat Exercises
  • (Value $444).....Lifestyle Exercises



ONLY $199*

* Limited Time Offer Of $99 USD (One-Time Payment Only).
Lifetime Access. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

100% Money-Back Guarantee 

The Gluteal Awakening Course is a proven product that will give you the training to activate the gluteal muscles and increase their muscular mass by correctly using them when you get up from chair, stand and walk on your everyday life.

You´ll love this product because it´s contents been refined in each iteration since 2009 giving outstanding results to private clients and Pilates teachers.

If you happen to be the first person in 13 years not fascinated with the Gluteal Awakening Course, you´ll get 100% back as long as you request your money back within 7-days of purchase.

You have nothing to loose and everything to win!


How many natural sit-ups are you waisting every time you get up from a chair mindlessly hurting your knees and back when you could be automatically growing glutes?

Every lesson on the Gluteal Awakening Course have been proven and tested for over 13 years of secret (and expensive) iteration with VIP clients and Pro-level Pilates Teachers.

In this course you´ll get to learn the exact way to propel yourself on your every day life by the biggest muscles in your body, the glutes, just like nature meant—getting up from a chair, standing and walking.

SAY BYE to the low back pain, piriformis syndrome, knee pain and sciatica caused by gluteal amnesia. Say no more flat like surfoard back. Forget about weakness trying to thrust your hips in intimacy.

SAY HI to growing glutes automatically as you move on your day, say welcome ass-filling the jeans, say oh yeah my love when you´re behind close doors gluteally powered doing your thing hip-wise!

Are you ready to love your naturally grown glutes for its voluptuous allure?